Letter to the Editor: Marthaville Cemetery, Inc. meeting this Saturday (Tomorrow)

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At the annual membership meeting of the Marthaville Cemetery, Inc. in June 2018, the membership voted unanimously to have a special election on this Saturday, October 20, 2018 at 10:00am, because no election was held at the annual meeting.
In the current Articles of Incorporation of Marthaville Cemetery, Inc. (MCI) it states that the only way to replace a vacant or an expiring term of an officer or a broad of directors member is through an election.

The current appointed President, a James Gandy, published in a follow-up letter in August of 2018 to all members of MCI that the meeting would be held as voted on by the members that attended the annual meeting.

The only qualifications stated in the articles of incorporation and current by laws for an officer or director is to have a relative buried in the Marthaville Cemetery and attend in person the meeting.

A letter dated September 30, 2018, post marked October 9, 2018 written by Gandy states that the election meeting has been cancelled because no one submitted qualifications to him. No where in MCI articles or by laws does it state that, only you have to be a current member and attend the election meeting.

Therefore, many local current members had a meeting and agreed to go forward with the election meeting. We have been denied access to the minutes of MCI meetings and have been denied access to the mailing list for the above letters by Gandy.

Therefore we request you publish in NPJ notice that the election of new broad members and officers will be held as voted on by the current members, this Saturday, October 20, 2018, 10:00 am at the cemetery.

This notice has been published three times in the local newspaper, the Natchitoches Times. It has been published in social media by many current members, Many members have been called via phone and asked to call others. Had we had access to the current mailing list of the above letters, we would have mailed a letter to all that received the above letters.

As stated in writing by Gandy, the only way to address him now is through his attorney, Ronald Brandon, Many, La. We talked to Mr Brandon and notified him we were having the above meeting. We also notified the current appointed broad of directors, except treasurer Mrs Glyndal Gandy who was not at her stated home address.

We are requesting security by the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s office, and will have an Louisiana Bar Attorney conduct the written agenda election procedure.
We have also notified our current Louisiana State Elected Senator and State Representative.

Thank you in advance for helping us spread the word.

Fuzzy Hennigan