Bus Driver receives award for protecting children from tornado

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Jason Edwards, Director of Bus Services for Ecco Ride presented a R.I.D.E. Award to Walter Jackson. Jackson has driven busses in Natchitoches Parish since 2009. When several tornadoes touched down in Natchitoches Parish on Nov. 5, Jackson was driving his bus near Plantation Point. As he turned into the subdivision, he saw the storm ahead of him. He watched as a tornado hit a house down the road and saw the debris flying everywhere. Thinking fast he parked the bus under some trees along the road, got the kids off, and ran to the nearest house for shelter. He knocked on the door and an elderly couple let the frightened children inside to wait out the storm. Jackson didn’t catch their names, but he said he appreciated their help during such a stressful situation.

16 thoughts on “Bus Driver receives award for protecting children from tornado

  1. Great Job Unk OutStanding U And Them Kids Could Of Been Hurt But God Do Did Other Things U Are Very Bless And The Ppl Who Let Y’all In At The End Of The Day Y’all Are Still Alive

  2. Thank for army man that think fast to get all of those kids off the bus and serves our country too for over 36 plus year from ur lovely Wife

  3. What my DAD did for those kids was wonderful to find a safe place for everyone who was on the bus that day.

    Love My DaD

    BAbY GiRl Latoria

  4. Way to go Walter! Natchitoches Parish is blessed to have you as a bus driver! Thank you for protecting the kids! Also thanks to the couple that provided shelter! Keep up the good work!

  5. this man did an awesome job protecting the kids and thank you
    to the couple who opened their home to help out,there still are
    good people in this world .

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