Teacher Creates Club for Young Men at NJH

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Jermaine Thomas, a 7th grade math teacher at Natchitoches Junior High School, has created a school club for young men at the school. The club is entitled “Boys to Men Club.” The goal of this club is to teach the guys basic life skills such as appropriate dress attire, good communication skills, social skills, positive social conduct, and respectable mannerism just to name a few.

The guys in the club will be setting goals and working towards a timeline to meet those goals, as well as getting their priorities in order. Every other week, the guys come to school clean cut and “dressed for success” in slacks, dress shirts, dress shoes, and a necktie, along with their mentor.

Thomas says “this type of club was much needed because many young men at this age enter high school lacking these basic skills.”

The guys will be promoting community service around Natchitoches, putting on various fundraisers, and learning the true value of a hard days work. If you would like to contribute or donate to our cause in this club, please contact Mr. Jermaine Thomas at Natchitoches Junior High School or via email at jermaine.thomas@nat.k12.la.us.

Pictured from left are Tyler Lucas, Dequallin Newton, Kamryn Garner, Ronald Smith Jr, Arnold Scott II, Mr. Jermaine Thomas, Jaydian Creel, Robert Walker II, Amarion Mitchell, Anthony Benning Jr., and Brad Young.

20 thoughts on “Teacher Creates Club for Young Men at NJH

  1. This is much needed and I am so glad Mr. Thomas the need to teach young men how important it is to present themselves to society in a respectable way and it’s ok to be different

  2. Awesome! Congratulations and thank you to Mr. Thomas for instituting this for the young men. Parents, the picture posted is remarkable. Let the media know of this venture in Natchitoches! Someone call Oprah!!

  3. Congratulations to Deacon Thomas who was also recently elected to Zwolle, Louisiana City Council and is the youngest elected councilman in Sabine Parish History

  4. Great job Mr.Thomas,kids today need role models and not dress with sagging pants.You are doing a wonderful job,keep up the good work .

  5. This is an awesome idea. I hope there will be an aggressive effort to protect these wonderful young men from peer pressure that is sure to come. I pray there will be someone who stands up to offer a similar approach for the young ladies. May God be with you.

  6. These are some amazing young men, and their sponsor is the perfect role model for them! Thank you, Mr. Thomas, for your dedication to our students!!

  7. Count me in for help in any way I can. This is absolutely where we need to invest our energy. Build folks up to become the best version of themselves they can achieve. Well done on identifying and filling that need.

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