NPD Responds To Another Shooting


On December 13, 2018 at approximately 6:50 PM the Natchitoches Police Department received a 911 Call stating that a male subject had been shot near the Texas St. Grocery, officers of the Natchitoches Police Department responded to the reported shooting and located a black, male, subject, 23 year old, Robert Griffin who appeared to have been shot. The Natchitoches Regional Medical Center Ambulance Unit was contacted along with the Natchitoches Fire Department to render aid. Mr. Griffin was then transported to the Natchitoches Regional Medical Center where he succumbed to his injuries and was later pronounced deceased by the Natchitoches Parish Coroner’s Office.

The Natchitoches Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division was contacted and is currently investigating this shooting, at this time no additional information available. The Natchitoches Police Department is urging anyone who has information about the shooting to contact the Natchitoches Police Department at (318) 352-8101 or you may contact the Natchitoches Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division, Detective Sergeant Bobby Beard at (318) 238-3914. All calls shall be kept confidential.
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Chief Micky Dove

23 thoughts on “NPD Responds To Another Shooting

  1. Here we go again blame the police for idiots shooting people!! They go. And interview people and all they get from the public is ( I ain’t saw nuttin ) and you can’t have a cop standing on every corner waiting on the idiots .

  2. What’s the body count this week? Wonder if these murders are part of the drug trade in our community…. Or if they’re all related…. I can just about guarantee one thing, though. As long as “Snitches end up in ditches” is the prevailing attitude here, none of the people responsible for these murders will face justice.

  3. The crime rate will only keep growing until we begin to break the cycle of proverty and ignorance. Law enforcement is doing all they can, but it’s a community issue as well.

  4. Natchitoches is dying and the powers that be are to focused on their own agend to notice. Won’t be long before this town is one of those SH!T holes destroyed by Democrats!

    • You got more Republicans than Democrats so who’s fooling who?? If anyone want to be pissed, it should be Dems.

      • But can’t we end this deep division? It’s doing nothing but making enemies out of neighbors. We all have a right to be pissed off about something. How about we turn our hate and anger toward the problem itself and away from each other?

    • Wtf this has to do with political statuses. The last time I looked into it the has more effed up situations also. Every time something happens, some asshole wants to bring up political statuses.Do yourself a favor and play in traffic during rush hour

  5. These things r happening in natchitoches parish because the ones committing the crimes knw Natchitoches PD r Detectives isn’t gonna Solve nor do anything about crimes. It causes the community to fair to say anything if they saw r knw anything. Until NPD change how they work with crimes instead of disregarding them it may be others get hurt. Sadly to say , but true. Wht natchitoches need is a crime team frm another state to step in an show them how to have peace in the city an tht it’s not about jus a pay check an retirement. Cause Thts how natchitoches feel.

    • I agree whole heartily with you. Until that happens or change in government, it won’t change. It doesn’t just affect one party, one race, one’s social standing, it affects the WHOLE DAMN CITY!!!! When people quit come to your the city, someone will take notice then. And trust they read and hear about what’s happening here.

      • You’re right. When people stay away from the festivals and tourist attractions because they think it’s too dangerous here, change will happen.

  6. are you pronounced dead or deceased ? its like the wild west out there.
    I can see the “Yelp” review on our fare city….historic streets,lights,famous movie,meth,murder…please come retire here .

  7. These Things Are Happening In Our City Streets Everyday, Jesus Christ Is Showing Us All The Signs, According To Scripture. Watch And Pray, Brothers And Sisters It’s A Better Way

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