Dickey’s Barbecue Pit will close

Dickeys BBQ

December 24, 2018

Waskom Investments, LLC, dba Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, announces the permanent closing of its barbecue restaurant location at 936 University Parkway as of today, December 24, 2018. We appreciate your patronage and enjoyed doing business with you these past 4-1/2 years.

Thank you for being such great customers.

Lee Waskom

26 thoughts on “Dickey’s Barbecue Pit will close

  1. My family will certainly miss Dicky’s. We loved the ribs, sandwiches and all of the sides. It was one of
    our favorite to go places to eat. The tea, ice cream were equally great. We went often and were always greated with a smile.

  2. Bad bad bad BBQ not true smoke BBQ expensive oven cook meat. Very salty meat and small portions for the price. I cook better at my house.

  3. The quality of the food was good. The size of the serving was chinchy. The closing of the drive by was stupid. Typical result of extremely poor planning, minimum public service, little, if any, appeal to young people that prefer hamburgers rather than BBQ and absolutely no “thank you” attitude.

  4. There’s too many fastffast places in town now. Not enough to support them all as it is. And there is no workforce here period. We need a nice white table clothe place . With fine food dining.

  5. Chicken Express will be next. It is very difficult to keep these places going with the poor pool of workers available. Too often, more goes out the back door than the front.

    • That is so true. And when employees aren’t stealing from you, they are incompetent, uncaring, wasteful. The old “work ethic” we used to enjoy in this country is mostly gone. Very few have pride in what they do, just for the sake of doing a great job.

    • When an employee is rude to a customer it reflects your business. The food was excellent but some employees were just horribly rude. I won’t step foot or drive thru in Chicken express either again. I went there to get fish and asked if it was catfish and if so what type of catfish was it? A customer has a right to know what they are getting for their money. The girl response was I DON’t know now do you want it OR NOT. That shows disrespect to customers and if a store owner can’t make sure his employees aren’t trained proper on how to treat customers then I refuse to go there.

    • I took my sister by Chicken Express to get the “all you can eat fish” for a set price. Because she is disable and could not go inside, we went through the drive through and asked if she could get the same deal. They said she had to come in or pay the same price in the drive through but with limited pieces of fish, which was 3 or 4 pieces compare to “all you could eat.”

    • Poor Chicken Express. Didn’t someone tell them about Southern Classic, Popeye’s, and Cane’s being here? And those customers are loyal.

  6. Loved the pulled pork, loved the sauces , just loved all of the food. Hate to see you go. Best wishes to Ginny and Lee

  7. Hate to see it, Maybe they can finally put in something with less competition like Captains D’s or even a Long John Silvers

  8. The pulled pork sandwich was awesome. I too missed the drive through window and went there less often because of that.

  9. Dickey’s has good enough “q”, but their sandwiches were meager in size for the price. My problem was when they closed the drive through window. It was easy to order ahead and pick up.

    • Small serving size, for the price, was my issue too. That and closing the drive-thru. Quality of the food was good.

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