District Attorney set to remove Campti Mayor

Mozella Bell

Louisiana Revised Statue 18:672 establishes a continuing obligation on the Mayor to maintain domicile, in and actually reside in, the Town of Campti. It is clear that Mozella Bell does not meet and has not met the continuing dual obligation to be domiciled and actually reside within the Town of Campti and is in violation of La. R.S. 18:672.

Therefore, it is my opinion that Mozella Jeanetter Bell does not qualify to hold office of Mayor of the Town of Campti. It is my duty in accordance with Louisiana Revised Statue 18:674, to file suit in the 10th Judicial District Court within ten (10) days of this report to declare the Office of Mayor in the Town of Campti vacant.


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  1. 2013 Louisiana Laws
    Revised Statutes
    TITLE 18 – Louisiana Election Code
    RS 18:493 – Time for objecting to candidacy

    Universal Citation: LA Rev Stat § 18:493
    §493. Time for objecting to candidacy

    An action objecting to candidacy shall be commenced in a court of competent jurisdiction within seven days after the close of qualifications for candidates in the primary election. However, if the time interval ends on a Saturday, Sunday, or other legal holiday, then noon of the next day which is not a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday shall be deemed to be the end of the time interval. After the expiration of the time period set forth in this Section, no action shall be commenced objecting to candidacy based on the grounds for objections to candidacy contained in R.S. 18:492 above.

    • So, if there is (was) a problem with Ms. Bell becoming mayor of Campti the time to challenge that was when she first registered as a candidate. Opponents to her had 7 days after qualifying closed. They did nothing. Seems to me, it’s too late. I hope Ms. Bell fights the lawsuit brought by the DA.

      On another note, whose responsibility is it to screen the qualifications of candidates? Is it the register’s office (ROV)? Or, does the ROV provide a checklist to would-be candidates with all the required qualifications. In this case, did Ms. Bell get a document that stated a candidate for mayor has to be a resident in Campti for at least one year? If not, if the ROV does not provide such information, they should. Or maybe it’s the Clerk of Court’s Office. Has to be some office down at the Courthouse!

      • Good point. Who QUALIFIED Ms. Bell to run for mayor of Campti? On what basis was she QUALIFIED? Seems like someone dropped the ball. And I think candidates go to the Clerk’s Office to “qualify” to be put on the ballot for any election.

        Please tell me we don’t have someone, in some office, just taking people’s money and “qualifying” them to run, without any actual checking.

        Now, the state’s Secretary of State’s Office oversees elections. So perhaps would-be candidates are instructed to check some website to see posted qualifications for all offices. I don’t know. I know someone knows the answer to these questions.

        Full disclosure: I know Ms. Bell from past business dealings. While with the SBDC I worked with her to open her restaurant in Campti.

        To me, this is not about Ms. Bell and the office of the mayor of Campti, per se. I’m interested in the bigger picture. Who is responsible to make sure candidates are actually qualified to run for some office?

      • After re-reading my comments, I want to point out that I support Ms. Bell continuing as mayor of Campti. I think she would do a good job for the town.

  2. should we not forget the there is a Village in west Natchitoches that has used the dead and people who no longer live there to vote,and who currently has a chief of police who hasn’t lived in town for a while .So its not just Campti.

  3. The people commenting sound dumb. It’s not about who’s yard is not clean or who didn’t win an election. What’s right is right but she was wrong. She clearly broke laws. She doesn’t stay in campti at all in fact she votes in Clarence as the document states and lives else where. Y’all are so blind sided but in all she wouldn’t have done anything more than the last mayor so let’s all be real. This election thing is all about who you know and clearly she is well known.

    • Yes but according to the election laws they their five days to contest which has past after that the law states she cant be touch lawsuit waiting to happen my girl is very educated they stand no chance.

  4. Don’t Sweat The Little Stuff—Come on Campti, Let ‘s keep it real ! Is it about residence or personal gain? Who can find a person with such great wisdom, character, courage, and a deep desire to make Campti clean and beautiful again other than our newly elected Mayor Ms. Mozella Bell? Laws,rules and regulations are great but they shouldn’t be implemented for personal gain or selfish motives. Community improvement , positive changes , and community growth are far more important than a person’s residence. Don’t sweat the little stuff!

  5. Sure is strange that complaints against Ms. Bell were acted upon immediately, but complaints with supporting documents (thief/malfeasance in office) against the Mayor of Clarence were brought to the attention of the proper authority, for at least a year, and nothing has been done. He has finally drained the Village of Clarence bank accounts for his personal use, resigned, and continued writing checks to himself after his resignation. To the best of my knowledge, that’s the end of that or what? Huh!

  6. The D.A. added it’s important to note Ms. Bell was registered in and voted in Clarence. That is not important. Many people are registered to vote somewhere other than where they currently live. I did. When I first went to college I voted absentee back in my home town. As long as a person votes only once, that is.

  7. sad story .I wonder if anyone checked on this when she ran ? I wonder how many good ole boys have property in Campti that looks horrible ? This lady
    had the guts and courage to run for your lousy town and try and make it better
    even when the people didn’t want to make their own town better .
    Mrs.Mozella you are better off,cut you’re losses and forget this filthy town.
    you tried to make change and they couldn’t handle it.God forbid the home owners are asked to clean up their own property that will de-value others propertys as well is very selfish !

    • He didn’t move until his term was about to be up so he was living inside of campti when he ran and after he ran. If you knew better you’d know he just moved out the limits.

    • My uncle stayed in campti, he’s living by lakeview last time I looked lakeview is and always will be part of CAMPTI LOUISIANA , gotta get facts before you talk about someone.

      My uncle Roland Smith tried to make Campti Great , But people will always hate as long as someone changes how campti looks, like ,
      smoking on the red people got mad because he cut it to one day,year before nobody, I Mean No – Body came to the Saturday gospel explosion come on y’all get REAL BEFORE YOU TALK


      CODY /

  8. This is so wrong doing n yes My name is Liza Telsee it sad that some people who didn’t get the place what they thought they was getting n wanted destroyed a young lady who live here in campti she got her address why destroy that why dose it matter where u lay your head at in Campti r anywhere y’all are very sad n will not accomplish nothing u know who I’m talking about, my resident is campti la but I work off so why dose that matter we as a young Generation trying too make it better but as long as it going rite for old n young who set in the old days ways y’all satisfied it need too be a Petition going too keep our elected Mayor in , it’s sad n the ones who doing y’all the same Color wake up n know I’m not here at the present time I’m off working but I live in Campti/Putt our Mayor back where she belongs wake up campti. Mayor I’m not present but God will make a way too stand for what’s right

  9. We are living in the age of technology… how on earth could this go to the point of her getting elected before it was caught???? Unreal… surely you have to show proof of living within the city limits before you can qualify!!!!

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