New school board members installed at committee meeting

New board members 2019.png

Natchitoches Parish Clerk of Court David Stamey swore in new board members at the School Board Committee Meeting on Jan. 15. The Board Meeting will be held Thursday, Jan. 17 at 5 pm at the School Board Office on Royal Street.

School board members include: Reba Phelps, Emile Metoyer, Steven Harris, Beverly Broadway, Katrina Willis, Rhonda Guidroz, Billy Benefield, Dorothy McGaskey, Russ Danzy, Tankeia Palmer, and Eugean Garner.

9 thoughts on “New school board members installed at committee meeting

  1. I will not call name by name yet sending CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS! I like the previous persons comments… Yes remember your representation and strive to the best of your ability to do the job to lift up better standards in education and fairness for ALL students and teachers and administration in Natchitoches Parish. Learn the Education Law for your “backbone support” to stand ground in tuff decision making. You are the new voice in the new era. Whether or not you believe in God Almighty, I pray for each of you that our Lord grant you with wisdom, knowledge, compassion, strength, peace as you journey in your endeavor in the name of Jesus Amen.

  2. Congratulations to each of you, and I hope all of you remember taking care of the children first, providing them with the best teachers and offering necessary coursework which could include spelling and writing, even cursive writing. Please, whatever you do, don’t make this a continued battlefield for power or a racial fight. Think first about providing a quality education for the children and young people of Natchitoches Parish and become once again a respectable parish which others wish to follow. Yes, it has been done here; with NSU and the local faculty and administrators Natchitoches High was for years highly rated by the Southern Association. It can happen again with everybody working together. Let it happen by everyone, including parents, working together to MAKE it happen.We can’t do less.

  3. This will be interesting to watch. Hopefully, they will be successful in governing the board and provide transparency to parents and the community. The current poor condition of education in the parish is one reason for the lack of growth. Young couples seeking to relocate to the parish are deterred by what they see. Who wants to drive substandard roads to failing schools.

    • Really want to fix roads and education? Eliminate homestead exemption and State income taxes then fund roads and schools with property taxes. Everyone in this State wants something but doesn’t want to fund it. Want it like Texas? Pay for it like Texas otherwise quit whining.

    • So where do you get the information that leads you to post that the schools are failing? Last report that I read from the State said that the school system was not failing (there were two schools that were in trouble) but the system as a whole ranked pretty well and is showing continued improvement. Is there room improvement? Always, but to make a general statement like that is pretty reckless and certainly doesn’t help to encourage others to settle or stay here.

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