Superintendent speaks out regarding alleged threat at NSU Middle Lab

The NPJ received a copy of a letter issued by the principal of NSU Middle Lab regarding an incident that occurred on Jan. 17 (SEE DOCUMENT BELOW). Some parents were upset that they had to hear about the incident on the street first, and that the letter was so vague in its explanation. They were also upset that the letter was issued (Jan. 23) so long after the incident occurred (Jan. 17).

The NPJ began looking into it and learned that the alleged incident was an alleged threat made by a student to shoot up the school. Superintendent Dale Skinner said a student made a statement, but it couldn’t be interpreted as a bonafide threat. The principal followed policy and interviewed several students and notified the School Board’s Child Welfare and Attendance employee. No students made a statement regarding a threat being issued.

The school handled the whole situation in-house. Skinner found out about the incident on Jan. 23 and school board members started hearing about in on Jan. 24.

Nothing regarding the incident was reported to the NSU Police Department or the Sheriff’s Office. The School Resource Officer in charge of monitoring Middle Lab was informed this week when parents began to complain about the vague letter they received from the school.

The child was suspended for three days and is set to return to school on Jan. 25.

“No one said ‘I’ll shoot up the school.’ Actions will be taken to keep our students safe,” said Skinner. “If anyone makes a threat of that nature, kidding or not, we’re going to take appropriate action. We do everything in our power to make sure our students are safe. If anyone thinks they have information or proof I ask that they bring it directly to me.”

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  1. It was a principal who knocked a teacher out and knocked out his teeth. It was not recorded because the Superintendent bribed the assaulted teacher. This principal has been arrested dozens of times; one for assault on a 11 year old student and assaulted a women with a baseball bat.

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