Downtown cameras catch flower thieves 

The Natchitoches Police Department received a theft complaint on March 21 from an employee with the City of Natchitoches. The complainant advised that someone removed approximately 84 pots of flowers from various locations in the downtown area and from a location near the City Park. The thefts totaled approximately $1,280 and were forwarded to the Natchitoches Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division (CID). 

Due to the downtown area being inundated with security cameras, Detectives Terry Johnson and John Wynn Jr. were able to review the surveillance footage and observe two females exiting their gray Honda pilot and placing stolen flower pots inside it. During the investigation, detectives learned that the suspects had been attempting to sell flowers to multiple people in East Natchitoches and were able to identify the suspects as Amanda Irvin (aka “Mandy”) and Brandi Smith. 

On March 22, Brandi Smith came to the CID office where she was interviewed and confessed to taking the flowers with Amanda Irvin. She was then arrested.

On March 24, Amanda Irvin was brought into the CID office after being arrested for an unrelated theft at Wal-Mart. Irvin was interviewed and confessed to taking the flowers with Brandi Smith. She was then arrested.  

Both Amanda Irving and Brandi Smith were arrested for R.S. 14:67 Theft for removing approximately $1280.00 in flowers from the downtown area. They were both given a District court date of 5/6/19 and placed in NPDC awaiting bond.

The investigation is still ongoing at this time. Anyone with any information about this case should contact Det. Terry Johnson at (318) 357-3858 or NPD at (318) 352-8101. 

12 thoughts on “Downtown cameras catch flower thieves 

  1. I’m having a hard time finding humor in this story. Actually, I don’t find it funny at all. I do wonder, however, what motivates a person to steal. These young women are somebody’s daughters, maybe mothers themselves. Were they raised like this? Are they raising their children to be like them? Are they “trash?” Would you call them that to their faces or in front of people who may care about them? Or maybe someone cared about them till they could care no longer. I find this story sad and all too common.

    • it is kinda funny Gail.Who steals 80 pots full of plants ? and if their parents cared or friends that would have said look….stealing is a crime.A thief is a thief and plus one of these fine women also stole from Wal-Mart now that’s un
      American .

  2. if you knew you were going to rob Walmart why not just take the pots
    from ? one stop shopping or stealing .

  3. What about all the flowers stolen from cemeteries in Natchitoches Parish, maybe these police can solve that problem also, with help from the sheriffs dept!!

  4. do you just sit around and think Hmmm,we should go steal from a heavily
    populated / tourist spot and randomly get flower pots ? I could see pick pocketing wallets,steal a car,etc but how do you come up with flower pots ?
    You had to know that the great pot hole city had cameras to protect the bricks.

  5. this would make a great commercial for Honda.See the car driving down front street and caption reads… Honda pilot can fit 84 stolen pots and gets 35 mpg,what can your Pilot do for you.LOL

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