LSMSA welcomes back alumni during Reunion Weekend

On March 29-31, the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts (LSMSA), alongside a dedicated group of alumni, opened up their campus doors to the Classes of ’89, ’94 and ’09 for a celebration during the school’s annual Reunion Weekend. The weekend was sponsored by the LSMSA Foundation and the LSMSA Alumni Association.

“Reunions are special at LSMSA,” said LSMSA Foundation Executive Director Angela Robinson (’93). “It’s a time to reconnect with our classmates, to remember special teachers who impacted our lives and to once again walk the campus we called home for two to three years.”

Over the weekend, former students of the institution and their families were able to reconnect with former classmates, re-explore the halls of the school, learn about new developments on campus, take class photos, tour and reminisce in the residence halls and participate in an all-alumni crawfish boil.

“My favorite part of Reunion Weekend is the chance for alumni from across the classes, and now across generations, to bond over our common experiences at LSMSA, no matter their graduation year,” stated Alumni Association Natchitoches Liaison Matthew J. Couvillion (’93).

Reunion Weekend always rejuvenates my mind and spirit,” said Jane Chauvin (’94), an attorney who attended the weekend to celebrate her 25-year reunion. “Meeting up with friends I haven’t seen in years and picking up where we left off the day we parted ways at graduation is an experience beyond a simple reunion. It is a reconnecting with family members and ‘reclaiming’ the campus for a weekend. It took me back to my two years at LSMSA.”

The weekend also included the Alumni Association’s annual General Assembly in the school’s Recital Hall. The group was able to get updates on recently approved constitutional amendments and proposed budgeting, the construction of the new residence hall, upcoming school events and the election of the association’s new President-Elect Kirby D. Hopkins (’94), who will begin his term as president in 2020 succeeding President Jamie G. Smith (’88).

“I am grateful for those who attended the meeting, either in person or via Livestream,” said Couvillion. “Our goal was to give our LSMSA family a snapshot of the school and show how we are working to bring all alumni together to support a place we love.”

On Saturday evening, the reunion groups separated into class events, with the Class of ’89 reconvening at the Château Saint Denis, the Class of ’94 meeting at the Cane River Bar and Grill and the Class of ’09 gathering at the Cane River Brewing Company. All groups were invited back Sunday morning to experience a Farewell Brunch in the school’s dining hall.

“The flood of memories and the warmth of the friendships that we were able rekindle was truly amazing,” said Sara Lang (’09), who coordinated the event meet-up for Class of ’09 graduates. “My husband, who had only ever heard me marvel at the school, came along, and hearing him say, ‘I get it now, I get why you love this school so much,’ really made the whole weekend worthwhile for me.”

“I want to thank all of our alumni who took time out of their busy lives to come to Natchitoches for the weekend,” said Robinson. “I especially want to thank Nicole Landon (’89), Rusty Frioux (’94), Conan Moody (’04) and Sara Lang (’09) for organizing their individual class events and the Executive Council of the Alumni Association for all of the effort they put into making this a special weekend.”