School Board amends 2019-2020 school calendar, takes action on bids at special called meeting

A special called School Board meeting April 17 was brief with only a few items on the agenda.

Proposed changes to the 2019-2020 school calendar (See Below) were brought before the board. All 15 principals got together and made a calendar that they thought would make the teachers happy, more productive, and give them more time off at one time. School would start two days earlier than usual. There would be a week long fall break in October. It takes away the President’s Day Holiday, which most parents have to work on. There’s a week off in March and a week off for Mardi Gras. Shorter breaks impede the flow of teaching and this new schedule will help decrease teacher absenteeism.

Skinner offered another calendar option with a few amendments. He said he was concerned about not acknowledging President’s Day and he’s concerned with teachers being off for a whole week in March before they come back for testing on the 30th. The board voted to accept the principal suggested calendar.

Take appropriate action on bids (see below):

Magnet HVAC/Lighting Revisions- Blanchard Mechanical Inc. was the low bidder at $1.4 million

Goldonna playground- Pat Williams Construction was the low bidder at

Fairview Alpha playground- Pat Williams Construction was the only bidder at $94,000

Fairview Alpha Athletic Improvements- This would have been for a community field on the Fairview Alpha campus. Bids came in extremely high ($100,000 over expectations). The board voted to reject all bids and will rebid, possibly with different stipulations.

Approve a resolution granting permission to extend the original 21st CCLC Grant contract for up to $800,000 for a period of three years with authorization for the superintendent to sign all necessary papers.

The board then went into executive session to discuss the superintendent’s evaluation.

3 thoughts on “School Board amends 2019-2020 school calendar, takes action on bids at special called meeting

  1. I know I’m gonna make alot of people angry, but what’s up with all this time off. Teacher’s are the only profession I know that has this much time off. AND according to some of the candidates for President, they need a pay rise. REALLY??

  2. This calendar looks like we will only be having school 3 weeks each month – When are the students going to be taught anything

  3. If I counted correctly this calendar has 34 holidays in a 9 month school year – not count whatever the green and red dates are – When are we going to have school in Natchitoches Parish?

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