Want to Invite a Monarch to your Home?

By Judy McIntyre

You and your family can entertain royalty right here in Natchitoches! All you have to do is come by the Natchitoches Farmers Market on Saturday, April 27 and pick up a milkweed plant at the Natchitoches Master Gardeners’ booth. Plants will be given out for a small donation to the “Save the Monarch Butterfly Project.” The milkweed plant will attract Monarch butterflies to your yard. The milkweed provides nectar in its flowers and it provides a nursery for the female Monarch to lay its eggs on the leaves of the plant. Last year over 1,000 milkweed plants were distributed thanks to the City of Natchitoches and the Master Gardeners.

Please help bring back the Monarch butterflies, as their numbers are drastically declining. Milkweed is an easy care plant that reseeds itself every year. It requires a sunny spot in your yard and can easily be planted in your existing landscape.

Want to know more? Go to www.monarchwatch.com.