According to Kris: BBQ, Food and Fashion

Hello my Stylers! The (un)official start of the summer is here and Memorial Day weekend is upon us. This is the season where worries should be low and BBQs, day parties and long weekends with friends are at an all time high. Of course us fashion lovers like to kick off the season in style.

Memorial Day kicks off the summer’s social festivities. I normally don’t have anything to do but this year I’m planning a small cookout for friends. So the big question I asked myself is how do I host a casual but yet chic BBQ? Of course, I started looking on Pinterest for ideas but sometimes that can get overwhelming. Another problem I was facing is that I didn’t want it to look like the fourth of July just yet, even though you can reuse the items. So I’m keeping it simple with solid colors. I decided to share a few suggestions that will make your weekend events fab.

Burger Bar:

I think creating a DIY burger bar is genius. Serve up mini bowls of lettuce, cheese, onions and other condiments for your guest to create the perfect burger. Most times it’s the way you present it to the guest that will leave them saying “WOW.”


Mimosas are no longer a brunch drink. They are actually perfect for any day time event. Don’t worry, if you don’t want to serve orange juice you can substitute it with cranberry juice. These drinks taste and look great for any occasion.

Galvanized Tub:

I personally hate how a cooler stands out at any event. So my suggestion is to swipe those ugly coolers out with a Galvanized Tub. They are rust and leak-proof and honestly, they just look great sitting on a table. It also makes it easy for guests to see what there is to drink.

Vegan Food:

Keep in mind that not everyone eats meat so nothing says, “I don’t care about your lifestyle” more than inviting vegans to a meat fest. Regardless, the simple act of offering a few vegan dishes will say that you are a caring host. Plus it’s a great way to introduce non-vegans to something new (like vegan oven fried parmesan zucchini crips).

With Louisiana temperatures rising I’m sure this is going to be one hot summer. So why shouldn’t your style be just as hot! Wearing less and going out more is a must. If you haven’t got that revenge summer body yet so you can show off to your ex, don’t worry! You still have some time. I know we find t-shirts and shorts comfortable, but these days there are more ways to wear shorts without looking like you “just came for the food.”

Memorial Day is about honoring those died serving our country. Whether you’re rocking red, white and blue for the whole four days or keeping it casual with neutrals, it’s a time to celebrate!

‘Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu.”Kenzo Takada

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