Rotary Club awards scholarships, learns about Hospice of Natchitoches

Dr. Ron McBride, Coordinator of the Rotary Club Essay Scholarship Contest, presented the essay winners their scholarship prize at the May 21 Rotary Club of Natchitoches meeting. First place ($1,500) was awarded to Lexie Brossett St. Mary’s; second place ($1,000) was awarded to William Fralia Natchitoches Central High School (NCHS), and third place ($500) was awarded to Jon Tucker Henderson NCHS. Pictured from left are Jenifer Fralia William, mother of William who accepted for him; McBride, and Brossett (Photo by Dr. Barb Duchardt).

Rotarian with the Program Joe Sers invited Buster Jordan, Justina Terrell, LPN, and Kasey Sparish, MSW from Natchitoches Hospice to speak to the Rotarians at their May 21 meeting about their mission. Natchitoches Hospice was started by Rick and Sylvia LaCour. Hospice is for those who have a life-limited diagnosis. It is supported through Medicare and Medical benefits. Pictured from left are Rotary Club of Natchitoches President Richard White, Sers, Jordan, Sparish, and Terrell.

Buster Jordan performed the song Still Not Dead by Willie Nelson and led the Rotarians in singing Amazing Grace (Photos by Dr. Ron McBride).