According to Kris: Securing the Bag

By Kris James

Happy Wednesday stylers, I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and looked fab while doing so. I also hope you’ve rested up and are ready to get back to the fashion! With summer basically here it’s all in the bag. There is no faster way to update your wardrobe than updating your bags. From mini bags to the double Chanel bag trends, bags are something that woman can’t live without.

As a kid growing up in a house full of women I learned at a young age the importance of hanging the right bag on your shoulder. My mother and grandmother had so many in every color and style you could think of. I’ll never forget what my grandmother said when I asked her why she had so many handbags?

“Your purse is the most important accessory that you’ll ever own,” she told me. “It’s a representation of who you are as a person and how you carry yourself.”

Even in my adult life when I’m purchasing my man bags I keep her words with me. When making the right decisions this will be one of the best investments in your closet.

I loved a good fanny pack when it came out a few years ago but now I’m over it. It’s overdone and overused at this point. Unless your mood is “Grandma Yetta” let’s retire it. No, I’m not telling you to go and throw your fanny pack away because we all know they will be back sooner or later.

Fashion is always evolving. One of your favorite styles is getting a more polished makeover: The Crossbody. However, slouchy cross-bodies are out. I’m sure a few of my ladies have that one evening clutch they wear with everything but that’s no longer the only option. It’s time to give it a rest and spice up your night look with new shapes that will have everyone talking. Nothing will make you the topic of any conversation faster than making a bold move and choosing a shaped bag.

The belt bag is the new accessory design for function and convenience. It’s slicker than the fanny and will make any outfit look polished. While you’re out this summer ditch the old straw beach tote and move towards the new boho trend, featuring wicker and crochet. It’s casual yet very stylish. For my real fashionistas, the mini bag is the new fun party bag and you can’t go wrong if you get it in a neon color. It’s a win-win. I can’t get enough of fashion forward handbags like wicker, neon, and mini and I hope my lady stylers can appreciate it. So let’s review:


The waist bag

Geometric Shapes

The mini bag

Bright Colors

The new boho


Straw Totes

Fanny Packs

The Clutch

The Crossbody

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