New ROV sworn in for Natchitoches Parish

Clerk of Court David Stamey swore in Kathrin Holden as the new Registrar of Voters for Natchitoches Parish after the Parish Council approved her appointment at its May 20 meeting. Holden’s family and friends were in attendance.

3 thoughts on “New ROV sworn in for Natchitoches Parish

  1. I am curious as to why there is not more of an article on this momentous occasion. This is a first for Natchitoches Parish. The first African American Register of Voters. It seems to me that more space is given to animal abuse or someone smoking a joint than this history making event. But then again I guess if this event is brushed under the rug then maybe it didn’t happen. Sorry, but it did and it is. Congratulations Mrs.Katherin Holden on your history making moment. This is your season to be blessed and God has surely done that. Love you my Dear and I am so proud of and for you.

    • Let it go. Many folks think she should have never had gotten the position and did so ONLY because she is African American. She was clearly NOT the most qualified. Not based on the facts. Not based on the qualifications of not only the other finalists, but other applicants as well.

      I personally had no participation in the process, but I have seen the evidence.

      Just saying…

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