City Council Member Issued Summons

On Thursday, June 13, 2019, the Natchitoches Police Department’s, Criminal Investigations Division arrested Councilwoman Silvia Morrow in reference to her being on property after being forbidden or banned. Detectives stated that after being given proper notice that she was not to go onto the property of Wardsworth Grocery, Ms. Morrow, parked in the parking lot of the grocery to converse with another citizen. Ms. Morrow was apparently confronted by a store employee who later notified the police department about Ms. Morrow trespassing on the property. Based upon the information obtained Ms. Morrow was arrested on one count of LA R.S. 14:63.3 Entry on or remaining in places or on land after being forbidden. A summons was then issued to Ms. Morrow to appear in court on July 23, 2019.

Approved For Release By: Chief Micky Dove Date: 6/14/2019

22 thoughts on “City Council Member Issued Summons

  1. This is at least the fourth time – a few years ago she was arrested for interfering with the police in doing their duty – She was forced to resign from the city council for soliciting money from city employees and then her district voted her back in

  2. I wish the political parties had never been mentioned here, because that really has nothing to do with the conduct of Ms Morrow. She has broken the law twice that we know of, once stealing from Walmart, if I remember correctly, and that makes her a thief. Nothing more needed in that, just a person who is a city council representative is a thief. As for the court order forbidding her to be on the property of the grocery store, it had to have been for a good reason or the court would not have issued that order. So here again, a city council person does what she is not supposed to do. She was supposed to stay off the property of this grocery store, she didn’t, she was recognized by an employee and reported. Again she is guilty, simple as that. If her constituents keep voting her into office, there is definitely a problem. Perhaps it’s time she spent some quality time in jail to convince her of the importance of NOT breaking the law, whatever it is. That alone could possibly be a learning experience, well, maybe. It has nothing to do with her political party, though some won’t agree, it has to do with her character. I personally would not give her a good reference for any job were I asked as she is not to be trusted. BTW, there is still that little matter of a lot of money missing from a group that was formed to award monies to deserving people/groups, and she served as treasurer. That investigation went nowhere, but she resigned. Why is she still there in council chambers? She seems to bring trouble with her, like it is part of everyday attire. My personal opinion folks, and it doesn’t have to be yours.

  3. I heard she once interfered with an officer making an arrest or traffic stop.
    Why in the heck is she so important ? she has a police record she is a thief.

  4. Why is she still in office after stealing something at Wal Mart? (I believe it was.) But then again people voted for Mayor Marion Berry in office again & again after known corruption. Seems to me if you are convicted of a crime, you should not be allowed to be in office.

    • If you’re in a political office and NOT guilty of a crime that would make you part of the very rare…well, as rare as Bigfoot!

      Being a criminal and a politician is like peanut butter & jelly, they go together.

  5. This is just an embarrassment tactic for this kind of bs. There are so many other things going on in this city being done by republicans should be on the front page of all y’all papers. When will you get the message you can’t embarrass Ms Morrow, you only showing your pettiness on frivolous things such as this while the rest of the good republicans doing a whole lot of illegal mess you ain’t read about. Find some news to write about. Solve some of the murders that are still unsolved and stop putting making this kind of writing headline news.

  6. What is (or was) the basis of her “being forbidden” to be on that property? Is it enough for the property owner to advise someone YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED ON MY PROPERTY? Or did Ms. Morrow do something specific to the owner of that property?

    Just curious.

    • Yes that is enough. If a person doesn’t want you on their property and you have been forbidden to return, you can be arrested for returning to said property.

    • I’d say thinking one is above the law isn’t something just Democrats do. But it probably is for a lot of politicians no matter what their party is. The real problem is anyone thinking she or he is above the law because of wealth. I can think of one very famous person with this personality flaw, not a traditional politician, and definitely not a Democrat.

      But let us focus on local events, not shenanigans outside of our parish.

      • Probably cause she is a thief. She will still your drawers off you while you are talking to her and you wouldn’t even know!!!!

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