Proposed Tax – Letter from Mayor Lee Posey

June 14, 2019

Citizens of Natchitoches

RE: Economic Development District C

I am writing to clarify for each of you how the recently introduced Ordinance No. 23 affects the City of Natchitoches. Ordinance No. 23 will levy a 1% sales tax only within Economic Development District C. District C is the University Boulevard Corridor out to Exit 138 of I-49. This includes the area which includes all businesses in the immediate area of the interchange of University Boulevard and I-49. A map of District C can be viewed on the City’s website at development-district.

Once created, Economic Development Districts allow for a levy of a 1% sales tax within the district. Due to the City infrastructure needs as well as assistance with the new recreational park, Parc Natchitoches, the City is proposing to levy the 1% sales tax. This sales tax applies to all goods and services provided by businesses within the District with the exception of gasoline. If a automobile dealership locates to areas within District C, vehicles sold will be taxed based on the purchaser’s physical address and this sales tax would not apply to a vehicle purchase. It should also be noted; revenue will primarily come from people passing through the area.

In addition, there are new service roads being considered along University Boulevard near I-49 within District C. This tax revenue will allow the City to continue future developments at this location and some of the intended businesses and restaurants that will be needed to support the tournament participants of the Parc Natchitoches. Tournaments are already scheduled on a regular basis throughout 2020 beginning in February.

I am certain this further explanation of the boundaries of Economic Development District C and the intended manner that the City will use the tax revenue generated, clarifies the City’s intent.  I appreciate and acknowledge the concern we have received from the citizens of Natchitoches as it relates to this matter and the future of our community.

Sincerely yours,

Lee Posey, Mayor

30 thoughts on “Proposed Tax – Letter from Mayor Lee Posey

  1. any tiny slim chance with this stupid complex that roads will be
    improved ?? surely people who travel to this tourist trap want good roads.
    I met a couple from Texas at a local restaurant and they asked if the roads are always this bad….sadly yes.

  2. Will this tax benefit the Dixie Youth Baseball League that caters to all youth regardless of ethnicity and economic background? Or is it only for the Travel Leagues? Will this benefit the local Sports stores?? What are the answers?

    • it will surely benefit one owner of a local sport store who is
      also big time government in this city .

  3. Do the right thing! Taxpayers already give money to NSU through our state taxes that help pay the bills there! No way you can force anyone to pay a separate tax that benefits a State University! Call the AG for his opinion on this . Call the legislature, they might want some of their money back from NSU and the city and we can use it on roads ! NSU should be paying the city to use it. Not the taxpayers! Absurd! No vote required?
    Why not get a grant from the 1,8million in the community grant chest that never awards anything.

  4. Upon receiving multiple calls questioning where the hotels at I-49 stand on the proposed tax, we can not support the additional TIF tax in its current form due to fact, city gov’t made assurances (providing budgets/costs) in prior meetings with hotel operators that were not kept. Also, the mayor was reminded on multiple occasions by myself and others, as long as the city does not collect/ignore the unpaid TIF taxes owed to them, there is no possible way we could welcome a new tax while the city chooses to ”leave money on the table.” Local govt should not be allowed to pick for whom they tax and those that get free ride.
    (More to come)

    • I assume you are referring to the Hotel St. Denis.

      It is time to clean house. I call on voters to vote out ALL incumbents in local government. ALL OF THEM!

      • It concerns me how the council, some of which are my very good friends, just go along to get along with the mayor and rarely question or do any critical analysis of the mayor’s proposals.

        There are no checks and balances on the prevaricator in chief.

  5. in order to promote tourism we as locals will take the hit the rest of the year
    as we go to French Market or other places.Of course this will affect us and promote the mayor.Wonder what kind of deal is In place for this stupid field
    and all the tournaments ? it will surely help the hotels,traffic will double
    and what will this increase in traffic do to our already broken roads ? I am
    with Lady J. eat a salad and vote no on this new tax.

  6. While I’m not for new taxes, all the “I’m never eating at Wendy’s again!!!” comments are kind of insane. So people are going to drive the extra 5 miles into town to avoid paying an extra 6 pennies on a $6 meal from Wendy’s?!? I doubt it. lol

    • They have superior salads, better than any other fast food place. Ditto for smothered baked potatoes. And where else are you going to get chili on a hot summer day?

    • The point is, it’s easy to promote a tax when you tell everyone “it won’t affect you!” It absolutely does affect any locals that frequent the interstate businesses. Second, there was never any mention of the need for a new tax when this was promoted to the public.

    • You betchum, Red Ryder! It’s a matter of principle. I no longer live in the Natchitoches area, well 50 miles away, but am in Natchitoches on a weekly basis. I for one will make sure I do not spend a dime in the area again. How sad the Mayor thinks it is ok to slap a tax on travelers just passing by and uses that as a selling point for locals.

  7. “Primarily…from people passing through the area.” Yeah sure, except for anyone that lives near the interstate and patronizes the fast food establishments and gas stations there. That pretty much includes anyone that lives in the parish west of I-49 that comes into town for anything. I wonder how those businesses out there will feel when residents from Robeline/Provencal/Marthaville etc keep on driving past their businesses and into town for their needs.

    Receiving grants/funding packages for construction without requisite follow-on funding for operations and maintenance is such a well-known and anticipated blunder by governments and municipalities everywhere that this was obviously forseen and willfully hidden by the “Parc’s” backers when this thrust upon the citizenry.

  8. Lipstick on a pig Mayor. Let’s review; El Patio, Huddle House, Wendy’s, Popeye’s, and French Market are all located within the development zone. I have eaten many times at the above restaurants. I’m not passing through and a great many of the people I see eating there aren’t passing through either. No, the burden will fall on the backs of the locals that are necessary for the success of these businesses. Why drive out there to eat and pay an additional 1% tax? An additional 1% raises the rate to 10.95% tax, one of the highest in the NATION. Don’t think that people looking for venues to host events don’t know when they are being taken advantage of. We already top several list of infamy in the US, I guess one more won’t matter, right? (Sarcasm intended)

    All this because of a headlong rush to build a sports complex. In the rush no one thought to tell the citizen’s how it would be maintained. You Mayor, and the Council, knew when they voted to approve the complex the funds were not available for it to be staffed and maintained. That is perpetuating a fraud on the good citizens of Natchitoches, the very folks you were elected to serve.

    Somehow it doesn’t surprise me in the least.

  9. Thanks, Mayor Posey. I hope this explanation satisfies at least a few of the new tax’s opponents. It’s helpful when someone fully explains proposals like these and the reasoning behind them.

  10. A town that relies on tourism is now proposing to obtain additional revenue from the very people who they rely on for revenue. According to Mayor Pose’s letter, ” It should also be noted; revenue will primarily come from people passing through the area.”

    Good job, Natchitoches. Advertise to the whole world that visits or passes through Nathitoches that we are only interested in your money and, by the way, here is a way we are going to get more money from you.

    Yep, really good public relations for our city.

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