Riddle Me This

by J. R. “Randy” Stelly/Opinion

What do the failures of the Home Rule Charter have in common with the former Police Jury form of government? I’ll give you three guesses.

Both Rodney Bedgood and Patsy-Ward Hoover have repeatedly admitted on the record that they are too stupid to understand what is going on. Chris Paige has made it known, almost from day one, that he does not support the HRC form of government and that he will do whatever it takes to destroy it.

It is time for the people of our Parish to vote for a change, but it has nothing to do with our form of government. We need a Council that is free of the ignorance and scheming that were the cornerstone of the old Police Jury and continues to be a plague on the HRC. Don’t vote out our government, vote out the Police Jury once and for all!

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16 thoughts on “Riddle Me This

  1. these people have huge egos just like the Many mayor who refuses to
    stop for police its crazy,nobody is above the law even elected officials.

  2. I see the grim reaper is back to do the dirty comments that others are afraid to do because they will be accused of being racist, so they bring back the transplant to do their dirty work. If the public can’t see what’s coming, then I guess you think we all are ignorant to YOUR form of government, stay where I put you. Nice work NPJ, by the way, I didn’t miss your insert of letting us know this didn’t come from your staff, give me a break!

  3. They have know shame! The 3 stooges alive and well. Paige is just a joke always has been. None of them could run a snow cone stand. IDIOTS!

    • Before you call someone ignorant please know how to spell correctly the word is in oh not know now that’s ignorant

      • 🙂 I think you mean “N” and “O” instead of “in” and “oh”….

        Perhaps you texted your post, and your phone won’t let you use commas, periods, and capital letters.

        Didn’t Jesus say something in Matthew chapter 7, verses 3-5 about a mote and a beam?

        Guess now I’m doing it, too.

  4. It is sad to say but this government body seems to be a perfect representation of Natchitoches. Ignorant and/or corrupt.

  5. I guess I simply don’t understand the mindset of someone who runs for office simply to destroy that form of government. Or maybe I just don’t understand the people who keep voting that person into office. Wouldn’t you much rather have someone who is working to improve things where you live and raise your family. If a person just wants to destroy that parish council, he/she is not working for you, your family and neighbors. People need to stop and think. They are being used to allow someone to grandstand. It’s really time you voted someone who will be adult enough to WORK FOR YOU!

  6. if they admit they are stupid and hate their jobs why not quit !
    they obviously want to cause trouble and road blocks can”t the be fired or
    for gods sake voted out . C’mon people someone keeps letting this happen

    • I’m not sure that they’re stupid. I have read the transcripts of a few meetings and some of the members do not appear to be literate. That certainly doesn’t help things.

      • Definition of stupid is lacking intelligence or common sense. Literate means able to read and write. So, if they are illiterate they lack intelligence. Can’t have one without the other.

        That is why we should be careful what we say. Might sound like we are not too smart.

    • I pray that the Lord will help us to not have hateful spirits. We should not be so quick to condemn and express evil thoughts. Remember that there is eternal life and if we do not always agree we do not have to be disagreeable and Mock others.
      It is good to remember that whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap. There’ is nothing hidden that God is not aware of.

      If you stir up evil, evil will visit your house. If you have a hidden agenda, God’s light will expose it
      Perhaps we should stop why we are doing well, before destruction comes

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