EZ Street Delivery brings its services to Natchitoches

EZ Street Delivery is partnering with local restaurants in Natchitoches to deliver food. Each restaurant’s menu is built into EZ Street’s website and users can simply choose their food, pay online, and it will be brought directly to them.

There is a $5 delivery fee for each order, but delivery is free on the first order if the customer uses the code FIRSTDELIVERY.

After placing the order, customers receive email notifications to let them know the status of their order. They are notified when their order has been received by EZ Street and the restaurant, when the driver arrives at the restaurant, and when the driver leaves the restaurant with their food. The process is super simple and user friendly.

EZ Street Delivery has an app that can be downloaded for FREE through Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Customers can order through the app or enjoy food delivery with an “EZ” 3 step process through the website:

1. Visit ezstreetdelivery.com and select the Natchitoches location

2. Choose a meal

3. Relax and wait for us to deliver

“I decided to come to Natchitoches because our small towns want the same conveniences of larger cities but often get over looked by the big companies,” said Owner Beverly Sanders. “Plus, Natchitoches has some of the best food in Louisiana and EZ-STREET delivery wanted to take part in that. I am very excited about being here in Natchitoches because the people of Natchitoches are excited to have us here! We have been very well received and are working hard to make this a success for both our customers and the restaurants we partner with.”

EZ Street is adding new restaurants weekly, and several will come on line in the next few days. Restaurants can also check out the website and fill out a vendor form if they’re interested in partnering for food delivery.

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    • Hi Teri. Go to our website, ezstreetdelivery.com and click on Become a Driver. Will be looking for you!

  1. Delivery is 10 miles from the restaurant. Thanks for your interest!

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