We’re not going back!

By Pat Todd/Opinion

I think I know what part of the problem is with getting a tax passed and really improving our roads. And no, it is not going back to the old Police Jury we voted out a few years ago. I listened to a really nice country guy at a local business tell how we got 32 million of tax dollars collected by the Assessor (actually the Sheriff collects) and how it was completely wasted on salaries and waste. He continued to be specific about how he thought the revenue was distributed and even said that the parish paid millions for the downtown riverbank. I corrected him where I could, smiled and walked off telling myself that this is a large part of the problem. I wish the parish government would hold another meeting in the big courtroom ( I went to the last one) and put up a large screen and go over the budget where everyone could see. I doubt many would come, the last time maybe 50 people showed up, but now everyone seems to be an expert. Our parish people need to be truly educated, put out the information in black and white. Do we have some waste, of course we do. But is it enough to fix roads, no it is not. You could cut all salaries in half and eliminate all support personnel and not fix or overlay more than a few miles of road out of the more than 800 miles that must be maintained.

One thing is for sure, going from one leader and 5 policy makers to 11 bosses in their own kingdoms will never fix our roads!

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  1. Millions of dollars are spent on a tax based EMS system, look in to it. Most towns and parishes are covered by private services not taking a single tax dollar, only paid by service rendered. Look into that it’s public knowledge

    • $9 million was moved from a surplus water treatment fund…money earmarked to provide clean drinking water to people, but who needs that when you can buy bottled water. And another $1 million was raised by issuing a bond which taxpayers of Natchitoches now have to pay off.

      Blame the voters. This issue was put on the ballot several years ago and it passed something like 52% For 48% Against. I voted against it. Folks need to actually pay attention to what they are voting for.

      Now there is not enough money to operate the facility and provide for maintenance, so our mayor wants to raise taxes to pay for that.

  2. The problem with Natchitoches is that you have more people voting for a living than working for a living. What people need to see in one place is what all this government cost to provide services for forty thousand people.

    • Because he was hired for the position. And there are no reasons why he can’t. DA looked at it and gave his approval.

    • Its nothing new . The current president is not seeking re-election. It is the same as the vice president of the United States running for president.

  3. The change needs to start at the voting booth! We can begin our road repairs by getting rid of 3 road blocks sitting on the council. They did nothing on the police jury and even less under the HRC. I like many would have enough confidence in voting for a road tax if we knew the 3 were not going to still be there to foul it up AGAIN! They couldn’t work the jury system the first time and can’t grasp the concept of the HRC. Both forms of government work everywhere else,why not here? Those 3 are right about one thing and that is it’s time for a change and it starts with them moving on.

    Great opinion letter Pat!

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