According to Kris: Dear Kris

By Kris James

Happy Wednesday Stylers, we are almost done with the week.YES! The weekend is almost here. Since I published my 101 article I’ve been receiving a lot of emails from some of you asking for more advise. The wait is over I’m back with some more great tips. Enjoy!

Dear Kris,

I’m trying to elevate my look and I’m seeing a lot of cropped pant outfits trending this summer. I really like the look of both the frayed hem, cropped boyfriend jean, and the cropped wide pant in navy. The problem is my feet! They are super flat. I have fallen arches and overpronated ankles so I don’t look good in flats and I can’t wear heels at all. What kind of shoe could I pair with these pants? I wear a lot of flip flops but I am trying to stay away from them to help my arches and because they are not very stylish. Help Me!

Dear Flat Foot,

Little do you know you’re not the only person who has this problem. Luckily for you, I have one word for you: PLATFORMS. Platform sandals will look fab with those pants. Because the sole is thicker it will be more support on your feet and they are very stylish. These sandals are the biggest trend this summer so this is the perfect time to try them out.

Dear Kris,

I’d like to know what your motivation is as a fashion designer. What article of clothing is your favorite to create?

Dear Curious,

I wish I had more of an epic answer for you but my motivation is life. One day I won’t be here so what do I want to be remembered for? That pushes me every day to make sure my brand KRIS JAMES is my legacy. One item I think that shows up in every collection is a jacket I designed. Whether it’s a blazer, bomber or a kimono I think jackets are my fav.

Hi, Kris!

I recently Marie Kondo’d my wardrobe, and was shocked at all the dark, boring clothes I’d amassed. In rebuilding my wardrobe, how would you suggest a larger person incorporate more color and patterns?

Dear Kondo’d Wardrobe,

I did the same thing last year. So most of my items in my wardrobe are black. Sometimes that can come off very boring but when I’m trying to add color I go for the accessories. You can add it with shoes, a bag, or even a scarf. For me, my color comes from my add-on layers like a jacket or a duster, depending on the weather. I recently showed at a fashion show and I wore a black t-shirt and black dress pants but I added a pair of multi-color pumas.

Hey Kris!

I’m 30 something and a mom. What should I be wearing? I’m still young and love all the cute clothes but sometimes I feel so old shopping. I put something on and think it’s so cute but then two seconds later I think I’m someone’s mom and I don’t think I can wear this….. any advice what to wear? Or should I just say hey this is cute and I got this?

Dear 30ish Mom,

Let’s get this straight. Thirty is not the new 50. So whatever you were told to believe is wrong. This is just a time to revamp your wardrobe with some classy and edgy items. Go for more tailored outfits that will flatter YOUR body and style. This is the time to indulge with high-end investment pieces. The best part about hitting your 30s is that you don’t have to experiment with your style anymore. You no longer have to be a trend chaser, just keep it mature and fun.