Qualified Candidates as of August 7, 2019

State Senate – District 31

Natchitoches Parish Sheriff

Clerk of Court

David Stamey- Clerk of Court

Parish Tax Assessor

Tim Page- Parish Tax Assessor

Natchitoches Parish President

Nick Wright- Parish President

Parish Council – District 1

Parish Council – District 2

Parish Council – District 3

Parish Council – District 4

Parish Council – District 5

Mayor of Campti

6 thoughts on “Qualified Candidates as of August 7, 2019

  1. People in District 3 also need a choice. It looks like this Alan McMurtry is the same guy who is bringing a lawsuit against the very organization of which he wants to be a part.

    • District 3 is Doug de Graffenried presently. Is he not seeking re-election? And what is the boundary of District 3? I assume it’s all of East Natchitoches. I have tried to find a map of the districts online.

      • District maps are on the npgov.org website. At the bottom of the page there is a “District Map” link for each councilperson’s district.

    • Every office should have at least two candidates, voters should always have a choice. But in this case, yeah, this fellow sues the parish president, which is now costing taxpayers money to deal with. Someone needs to step up for sure.

    • I don’t even live in District 3 and this really angers me. Hopefully someone will run against this fellow. Not only for the good of this district but for the whole parish. We don’t want McMurry on the parish council.

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