NCHS dedicated benches in memory of two students

A dedication ceremony was held at the flagpole outside Natchitoches Central High School on the morning of Aug. 7. The area around the flagpole was widened to place two stone benches in memory of two students who passed away: Dylan Poche and John Hunter Owens. Both young men were members of the NCHS fishing team.

“They both had bright futures and I’m just speechless as to what to say,” said Principal Bill Gordy.

School board members, family, friends, and fellow students were in attendance. Gordy presented Hunter’s parents with an honorary diploma from Natchitoches Central.

Superintendent Dale Skinner closed the ceremony in prayer and said, “I hope this helps everyone keep these two young men in our memories.”

Family members were appreciative. “It makes things a whole lot easier when you have support like this from the community after a tragedy like this,” said Hunter’s father Rusty Owens.

6 thoughts on “NCHS dedicated benches in memory of two students

  1. Both students are worthy of honor. The lack of forests by the principal and Superintendent is astonishing! To ignore the sacrifice of a student’s life under Gordy’s tenure is inexcusable! Skinner praying? Certainly the system can use all the prayers it can get and Skinner needs the practice!

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