State Rep Kenny Cox seeks re-election to State Legislature District 23

Dear Constituents of Louisiana House District 23 (Desoto, Natchitoches, and Red River Parishes)

It is with great honor, I announce my bid for re-election as your State Representative of District 23 in the Louisiana State Legislature. First and foremost, thank you for your initial and continued support. I have enjoyed serving as your state representative for the past eight years. Throughout these years, I have sponsored or co-sponsored legislation which have improved the lives of citizens in District 23 and the State of Louisiana. During this past 2019 legislative session for example, I worked to provide teachers with a pay raise, increased K-12 funding by $39 million dollars, in addition to approving $783 million dollars for a coastal plan to address the ongoing coastal crisis in Louisiana. Furthermore, I have worked hard to enhance veteran affairs, Medicaid expansion, improve and expand career and technical education. To that end, I ask for your continued support so we can further this positive momentum during the next four years. Again, thank you for the continued confidence and support. I ask for your prays to help me continue serving with integrity, pride, and honor. I look forward to serving you!

Respectfully and God bless,

State Representative Kenny Cox
District 23
(Desoto, Red River, and Natchitoches Parishes)

3 thoughts on “State Rep Kenny Cox seeks re-election to State Legislature District 23

  1. why hasn’t he tried to help with the roads,the roads in all 3 parishes are
    awful not just Natchitoches .I am sure and I don’t blame the government
    at all but why hasn’t he asked for little help or money.We all know La screwed the pooch on infrastructure this is all the states fault.

  2. Read his letter. Besides the obvious bid to buy votes from teachers with his “raise” line, he hasn’t done anything besides help, support, approve, or vote for things. We can do better. Hopefully someone else will run.

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