Candidacy Challenge: Jackson Jones

Jackson Jones has been sued by the Louisiana Board of Ethics for misrepresenting items on his candidacy form in his bid for Parish President. The suit is to challenge his candidacy for non-payment of  a $2500 fine that the Board levied against him when he failed to file a 2014 Tier 2 Candidate Personal Financial Disclosure Statement when he ran in 2016.

The Hearing is at 10AM on Tuesday, August 20 at the Natchitoches Parish Courthouse.  This case was first assigned to Division A, but Judge Dyess recused as Jones was a former client. Judge Sylvester is still out so it will be heard by Judge Eric Harrington as judge pro tempore as appointed/ordered by the Supreme Court. A copy of the petition has been posted on the Clerk of Court door per statute La.R.S. 18:1406(D).

5 thoughts on “Candidacy Challenge: Jackson Jones

  1. All I’m gonna say is I asked the candidates about gravel and he ended up telling everyone about holding a heliport in top of a hospital. Don’t think our Paris lol really suffer that bad 😂😂

  2. Speaking of ethics and laws, I often hear people say if they are a government employee they can’t put a political sign in their yard and otherwise show support for a candidate. I believe that is true only of civil service employees. If you are not such, which is called “unclassified” you have the same rights of other people, other Americans. Teachers are “unclassified” as are professors in college and other staff members.

    There are restrictions of course, Like a teacher can’t openly campaign for a candidate in their classroom, and no one can do so on campus, like at NSU. But they surely can in their own front yard of their house.

    This is what I am told, If someone has other information please post it.

  3. Big deal, Ralph Wilson had outstanding fines levied by the Ethics Board and the courts still ruled that he could run. Ethics laws in this State are jokes.

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