Survey Results: August 2019

Home Rule Charter1220 60.58%
Police Jury 561 27.86%
Other 233 11.57%

Lee Waskom 83241.31%
John Richmond788 39.13%
Precious Barber159 7.89%
Gerald Longlois139 6.90%
Nick Wright 53 2.63%
Jackson Jones * 37 1.84%
Carl Sias 6 0.30%

Survey results only represent the entries cast at the time the survey was taken.  This poll is NOT scientific and just represents the opinion of the participants at a certain moment in time.   There were 2014 completed entries.

8 thoughts on “Survey Results: August 2019

  1. Yes, I was curious about “other” as well. But the percentage heavily favors HRC in any case. The “also rans” in the Parish President’s race are going to force a runoff between Waskom and Richmond.

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