Super 1 Fan Day Generates Excitement for NSU Football

Kevin’s Gallery

Shoppers at Natchitoches’ two Super 1 locations were greeted by NSU cheerleaders and members of the NSU Purple Pizazz Pom Line Friday, August 16 as part of Super 1 Fan Day. The spirit groups were selling discounted $5 tickets to the Demon’s Sept. 7 home opener against the Midwestern State University Mustangs. Parents could also enroll their children in Vic’s Kid’s Club. Each location sported a table chock full of NSU posters, schedules and prizes for the visiting children.

This event was also an excellent opportunity for the Natchitoches community to meet some of the hard working young men and women representing their university-and our community. Their enthusiasm is contagious. Let us join them and fill Turpin Stadium on September 7th-and at every home game. Fork ’em Demons!