Get ready for the new Steak ‘n Shake at NSU Student Union

Campus Dining at Northwestern State University released several artistic renderings as a sneak peak for the Steak ‘n Shake, which will be opening soon in the NSU Student Union. So far there’s been a lot of excitement expressed over this new dining option by the NSU and Natchitoches communities alike.

9 thoughts on “Get ready for the new Steak ‘n Shake at NSU Student Union

  1. Gambling got one on campus also. Sodexo is a food service company is behind this,not the city. Nothing in it for the city.

  2. Kinda crazy that the city couldn’t get this place to come to town but
    NSU could,i wonder how many people who don’t attend NSU will go on
    campus to eat ? Why in the world won’t this city fight for better places to eat ?
    why are they scared of growth and change ?

    • So, what? you expect the mayor and city council to actively court national franchises? The Office of Economic Development? Heck, do we even have such an office?

      I am amazed when I see posts like this. Tell ya what, YOU DO IT Matt! That’s right, put up the $millions and bring in all kinds of franchises. Trust me, no one will block you. There is plenty of commercial real estate available…the old Hardee’s location is open…there are a bunch of commercial lots that have been sitting vacant for years. Go ahead, stop complaining and start doing.

      Oh, you ain’t got the $millions to do all of that? Well then, just keep complaining then.

      • I love the anger and passion in your words Jason.All I am saying
        it doesn’t seem like this place wants to grow at all,and all they care about is keeping it small and crappy roads been this way since 86 .

    • I don’t think it’s a blanket “we don’t want to grow” mentality. But I do think it’s a cautious, let’s grow slowly, approach, and the problem with that is there’s no ability to create a support base for all businesses to thrive. Instead Natchitoches gets these new businesses, restaurants, that go at it alone when, believe it or not, if several, probably 4 or 5 restaurants all started together they would all do better.

      It would create an area where customers would know where to go to eat out. In marketing it’s called “clustering.” That’s why you see a Walgreens and a CVS opening near each other. It creates a market area. That’s also why if you want to open a Burger King you should get as close to the McDonald’s as possible. Each competitor actually benefits from the others’ marketing and from their loyal customer base.

      But, all franchise companies do a ton of market analysis and feasible studies, and every town gets a rating. Some of the franchises people want will not come here anytime soon, and maybe never, and it’s not “the city’s” fault. For instance, a franchise knows from experience they are likely to get say, 5%, of the market, and even that is in a segmented market, which might be households with at least $75,000 in total income. For Natchitoches that might be 20% of the households, maybe 6,000 people, so 5% of that is only 300 potential customers. Can’t sustain a million dollar business on just 300 potential customers.

      I worked with the Small Business Development Center, we did this kind of analysis for clients all the time.

    • This is a small poor town that can not support these businesses. There are many national retailers of all stripes that do not have a presence in Louisiana at all. There are plenty of reasons for that. If you want nicer amenities you’re just gonna have to travel like the rest of us do.

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