The Louisiana Oral Health Coalition will host a community engagement event entitled “Promoting Your Community’s Fluoridated Water” for citizens to learn more about the community’s drinking water on Wednesday, Aug. 21 from 5-7 p.m. at the Natchitoches Municipal Building located on 560 Second Street, Natchitoches, Louisiana.

Established in 2009, The Louisiana Oral Health Coalition is a voluntary collaborative consisting of individuals and organizations throughout the state who are dedicated to improving the oral health of all Louisianans. The LOHC’s four main priorities are to: Increase access to quality, comprehensive, and continuous oral health services for all Louisiana citizens throughout their life stages; influence policy, environmental or systems change and maintain continuous visibility to support, advocate and collaborate on relevant oral health matter; impact and maintain oral health, and prevent the progression of oral disease through evidence based interventions that address risk factors and at-risk populations; and improve efforts to ensure the preparation recruitment, and retention of an oral health workforce that is adequate and skilled, so that it may better serve the state’s population.

The LOHC encourages everyone in the community to attend this event. For more information contact the LHOC at City Hall at 318-352-2772.


  1. I recently read an article that flouride may not be good for pregnant women to use. May not be good for the fetus. I was using a natural flouride free brand of toothpaste. I recently had to switch brands and begin using one with flouride. My teeth were becoming discolored. I switched to a flouride free brand again and my teeth are not as discolored. You may want to do more research.

  2. Didn’t Dr. Jerry Ferguson lead the crusade to have flouride put back in the water here after watching patients experience increasing tooth decay. At the time the city claimed that had been discontinued when the equipment broke down, but the public hadn’t been informed. Most days the so called drinking water has visible impurities in it. What has suddenly changed that will fix water quality and the flouride issue? Just curious.

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