NCHS’ Open House: Excellence in Academics, Sports and Extra-Curriculars

The Natchitoches Central Chiefs started off their school year on an upbeat note as the award winning NCHS Orchestra played the NCHS Alma Mater before a packed atrium Aug. 20. NCHS principal Bill Gordy outlined some of the school’s achievements and policies before parents picked up their child’s schedule and met their teachers.

NCHS’ 1,314 students have a variety of sports to choose from, ranging from football, volleyball, track and field, tennis and basketball to name just a few. The school also offers a wide variety of clubs and activities such as 4-H, FFA, Beta and National Honor Society among others. In addition to the superb NCHS orchestra, musically inclined students can join their fellow musicians in the Chief’s marching band. Lt. Col. Anthony Mault leads NCHS’ 120 Army Junior ROTC cadets. There is something at NCHS for every interest and there is no reason for any student not to join in on the fun and learning.

Natchitoches Central High School is quite serious about academics. The school offers ath courses through Calculus as well as sciences through Physics. Students may also earn college credit in addition to high school credit by way of NCHS’ Dual Enrollment Plan. The only National Merit Scholarship Finalist in any of the parish’s public, or private, schools last year was a NCHS alumnus. The NCHS Orchestra has a long tradition of excellence, having performed several times in Carnegie Hall as well as Europe.

These are no small achievements for a school its size and are an indication of the attention paid to achieving excellence in multiple endeavors by the faculty and administration.

The Natchitoches Parish Journal wishes all the best to the Chiefs in the upcoming school year. We are looking forward to seeing good things from all of you.

Go Chiefs!