Patsy Ward-Hoover; Candidate for Parish Council

I am Patsy Ward Hoover, vying to be re-elected to the Seat of Parish Council, District 2. First, let me Thank You for your vote of confidence –January 2020 will mark four years of public service on your behalf.

A lifelong resident of Natchitoches Parish, I am married to Edward J. Hoover. I have three daughters, Ulisa Ward Walker, and Roshunda Ward, both graduates of Northwestern State University, and Renita Ward Williams; a graduate of the Louisiana School for Math Science and the Arts (LSMSA), Louisiana State University, and Southern Law School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I have six grandchildren and one great grandchild.

My religious and community affiliation include membership at Pentecost Baptist Church in Natchez, Louisiana. As a community activist since the age of nineteen, I have been involved with numerous community related activities and organizations. Several have included being an organizer of the Natchitoches Bi-Racial Committee; a member of the Natchitoches Voter’s League for over thirty years, and a member of the Order of Eastern Star, Chapter 64. Additionally, I have served as a Host Parent for the LSMSA. As a former owner of God’s Bookstore and Art Gallery, and Proprietor of His workmanship, Incorporation —bookstores that carried religious material, I worked with and shared my goods and services with many people where relationships with them and the community were soundly built.

I was re-elected to the Natchitoches Police Jury. During my service with them, I have received an Awards of Merit in February, 2018. I also received a resolution presented by the Natchitoches Parish Council for being the first African American female to serve as a member of the Parish Council. The Parish Council also elected me to serve as the Council Chairperson for the year 2017. Another community activist organization in which I was a member presented me a Volunteer Appreciation Time and Talent award. This was bestowed on me by Natchitoches Nursing and Rehabilitation, 2018.

Additional awards I received as a result of my involvement with people and having built wonderful relationships have included the You-Make-A-Difference Award, Natchez Heritage Festival, City of Natchitoches Women History Month Community Service Award from the U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Achievement Award for Outstanding and Dedicated Service in the Community, the State of Louisiana House of Representatives for Community Service Award, Delta Sigma Theta Business Award, African American Women in Business, and the People’s Involvement Police Jury Award.



I pledge to continue to work according to my God-given ability to serve the people of Natchitoches Parish and to keep them informed. In District 2, there are approximately 8,500 people. I will be walking door-to-door trying to reach each one of you between now and election time of October 12, 2019. If by chance I miss you, please accept this statement and effort as one, once again, soliciting your support to represent you on the Parish Council for District 2.

On October 12, 2019, I am asking for your vote to return me, a person who has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to serve you, the people, on the Parish Council for District 2.

Re-elect Pat ward Hoover, Parish Council, District 2.
May God bless you All.

12 thoughts on “Patsy Ward-Hoover; Candidate for Parish Council

  1. The citizens of District 2 need to make absolutely certain that this individual does not get re-elected to the Natchitoches Parish Council. She has consistently acted in total contrast to doing the right things to be a positive influence and demonstrate leadership in bringing positive results for all of Natchitoches Parish. Please do not get caught up in making a voting decision on how this candidate looks, but rather on her ability to get things done. Serving on the Parish Council has nothing to do with having individual power or being about self. This individual is not suited to be a public servant and has no clue as to what governing is all about. She along with two others who happen to be on the Council, are totally ignorant of the legislative role of the Council, which is the important role of developing guidelines and ordinances that govern the day to day business affairs of Natchitoches Parish government. The Parish Council needs thinkers not road blockers to progress and the fiscal needs of the Parish.

  2. She is one of the members that never reads materials before the meetings. She even says things like I didnt read this, I dont know what’s going on, and I need more time. It consistently pushes agenda items to later dates and hinders progress. She is also well known for wasting time talking about things that aren’t pertinent to the current situation. It is almost as if she is actively trying to stall out meetings. We need people on this council that A. Weren’t on the police jury, B. Do their homework before meetings and C. Work fast and Smart. She is none of these things.

  3. I have a question for Ms Hoover. I see you plan on walking door to door to meet potential voters. I am interested Ii that if you are able to do that why have I seen you parking in handicapped spots with a handicapped hang tag. If it is for a family member I can understand having the hashtag but I have seen you in handicapped spots while alone. If you are capable of walking door to door than why would you use a space designated for this disabled when you are alone?

  4. She’s part of the 3 stooges that have done their best to see the HRC fail! Hats off to her community involvement and service to the community,but as a jury member and a member of the HRC a complete failure! She’s had her time now it’s time for her to move on! We need a council that can ALL work together! Hoover, Bedgood and Paige need to go!

  5. I am surprised to read that Ms Hoover is recommending someone with knowledge, and expertise, as that most certainly eliminates her

    • On what do you base your opinion? Do you know something the rest of us don’t? She’s certainly received a lot of awards. Did the people who gave them to her see something in her that you don’t?

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