Lee Waskom: Position Paper No. 1

Position Paper No.1

As a Candidate for Parish President, I feel it is important to advise the public and ultimately take positions on Revenues, Expenses, Terms and Mandates. I will am sharing my thoughts and positions as to how we attack the numerous fiscal challenges which are apparent and have not been addressed by the current leadership.

I look forward to discussing through this medium and others, my ideas to begin the slow process, necessary to identify, prioritize and ultimately begin to solve our road and infrastructure challenges.

I will share my specific Ideas, plans and positions as we go through this process over the next several days.

Natchitoches Parish Government needs to be run like a business and we must allocate our revenues and resources in the most efficient way possible to maximize the benefits to the tax payers and citizens.

I believe it is important to share with each of you all sources of revenue to the general fund of Natchitoches Parish.



1. Ad Valorem (General Alimony Millage) – The majority of the funds generated by this tax are distributed by the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Tax Collection Department in January of each year. Additional payments may be received throughout the year as delinquent taxes are paid.

2. Alcoholic Beverage Tax – Payments are received on a quarterly basis and are based on the amount of tax revenue generated by the sale of alcoholic beverages within the Parish. Payments are distributed by the Louisiana State Treasurer’s Office.

3. Alcoholic Beverage Licenses – Payments are received on a monthly basis and are distributed by the Natchitoches Parish Tax Commission.

4. Occupational Licenses – Payments are received on a monthly basis and are distributed by the Natchitoches Parish Tax Commission.

5. Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) – Payments are received on an annual basis and are distributed by the Federal Government. Payments are calculated based on Parish Population.

6. Severance Taxes – Payments are received on a quarterly basis and are distributed by the Louisiana State Treasurer’s Office. The amount of funds distributed to the Parish of Natchitoches is determined by the rules set out in Article VII, Section 4 of the State Constitution. These funds ARE deposited in to the General Fund.

7. Rents and Royalties – The Parish of Natchitoches receives rental payments from the Natchitoches Parish District Attorney’s office for office space; payments from the Secretary of State; and franchise fee payments from Suddenlink.

8. Fire Insurance Rebate – The Louisiana State Treasurer’s office distributes payments to the Parish of Natchitoches as a pass-through agent for the fire districts within the Parish.

9. Health Unit – The Parish of Natchitoches receives a transfer of $300,000 annually from the Health Unit Fund for inmate costs.

10. Constables/Justice Supplemental Pay (Sub-Fund – 900) – Payments are made by the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, in accordance with La. R.S. 13:2591, to the Parish of Natchitoches as a pass-through agent for the supplemental pay to each justice of the peace and constable within the Parish.

11. Fine Collector (Sub-Fund – 900) – La. R.S. provides that all fines, forfeitures, penalties and costs collected by a city court, when prosecution is on behalf of the state or parish, must be paid into the parish general fund to be used as general parish expenditures, with exceptions.

As your parish president, I, Lee Waskom, will do everything I can to earn your trust as we try to solve our fiscal problems. The citizens of Natchitoches Parish have lost confidence in the current administration and their inability to get simple questions answered. It is my hope that by providing these specific details that I can demonstrate to each and every voter in Natchitoches Parish the challenge we have in solving this crisis. Over the next week to 10 days, I will be providing my specific plans for how through new leadership and innovative cost saving approaches, we can begin to solve our problems. Please vote for me, Lee Waskom, No. 85 on the ballet on October 12, 2019.

The next topic of conversation will be an in-depth discussion of each and every category of expenditures that must be funded by the Natchitoches Parish Government. I look forward to your comments or discussions with respect to each of these position papers we will be releasing within the next week to 10 days. Through our concerted efforts, we will solve this problem.


12 thoughts on “Lee Waskom: Position Paper No. 1

  1. Let’s see we already have someone that can’t pronounce the man’s name , it is not Richland it is Richmond, as far as qualifications go he ran a $1.6 billion dollar division of the Shaw group he also built bridges, roads, living quarters for our troops in hostile territory and that’s the tip of the iceberg. I would say that highly qualified him to balance a budget and find funds to begin repairing our roads so yeah let’s talk about papers let’s talk about contacts at the state and federal level they can get us funds to fix our highways let’s please do that . Please?!?

    • Mr. Joe,

      If Mr. Richmond can balance a budget, why did he and Nowlin have to declare two back-to-back emergencies to to spend money because they were out of budget. Then they admitted there was no emergency! Just who we need running our Parish financial system. smh!

      • Mr. Brown…the budget Mr Richmond is working with at the hwy department is one he inherited when he started in January of this year. He did not get to set his budget…he is doing the best with what he walked in to when he decided to jump in and help at the beginning of the year!

  2. What he’s tring to do is fix the road funding! Don’t care if John Richmond can call an emergency and get out there and fix all the roads himself,if there’s no money there’s no money! Lee’s already digging and looking for the money that should be there. Quit fooling yourself none of them are going to fix the roads in a short amount of time,they have to find the funds first and Lee will do that. And that will make things look better as one put it!

  3. What about the taxes from the SAW MILLS going into the GENERAL FUND, INSTEAD of RURAL ROAD REPAIR? Which are the ROADS BEING DESTROYED BY THE LOG TRUCKS!!!!!

  4. He’s only doing this cause he’s a popper of Mr.Vance who owns this paper! He still doesn’t know what it takes to build a road. Granted he might be able to do a budget being he is a businessman. However I would rather vote for someone who knows how to build a road and is also a successful businessman in Natchitoches!

    • ROAD’S are not our only problem in Natchitoches. Richland OPENLY STATED HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO RUN THE EQUIPMENT OF THE PEOPLE HE IS SUPPOSE TO BE SUPERVISING! Come on look at the whole picture….. tunnel vision doesn’t become anyone.

      • Really? Mr. “Richland” will be in charge of managing the people who know how the equipment works. The PP will be making decisions for the best interest of the parish, not changing spark plugs. As K stated, I doubt Mr. Waskom is planning to run the ditch digger himself.
        THIS is why the election is so scary to me, people thinking & making voting decision based on this silliness.

    • Reading the last part I suppose he will give us his position in future articles on the various sources of revenue and how the money is being spent.

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