Magnolia Minute: Alan Niette – Natchitoches Parish Library

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4 thoughts on “Magnolia Minute: Alan Niette – Natchitoches Parish Library

  1. Natchitoches Parish Library is not paying for the ESL classes. That funding is coming from Bossier Parish Community College. Also funding for many free activities at the library comes from the Friends of the Natchitoches Parish Library, a nonprofit organization, and does not come from the library budget. It is sad that the library faces criticism even for a public service announcement.

    • I can give you 4.3 million reasons to criticize the library’s budget.

      But okay, fine, great, awesome! By YOUR own words you admit the library doesn’t need as much as it gets in the Natchitoches Parish budget. You just posted for all taxpayer to see, not only does it get $4.3 million, but it has other funding sources which actually pay for many (most?)of its programs it brags about. So all you taxpayers, tearing up your cars on lousy roads, remember this when the library tax renewal comes up, they do not need all the money it gets from us. They even publicly admit it.

      By the way, I am a supporter of the library. But, it is time to shift SOME of that money elsewhere, namely to roads.

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