Bank sues City over Summertree Apartment demolition

Sterling Bank filed a lawsuit against the City of Natchitoches on Aug. 29 regarding the approval to demolish the SummerTree Apartments, located at 312 Second Street, at the Aug. 26 City Council meeting.

The bank stated in its petition for judicial review and suspensive appeal of demolition order that after inspection an architect advised the bank that the property was not in dilapidated or dangerous condition, but simply in a state typical of any construction work in progress.

The property has had no work done on the renovation project in about 2 years. A representative from Hopeville Partners LP in Georgia was present to inform the council that a new contractor after the original developer for the project defaulted on the loan. The over $3 million in tax credits attained to fund this project will be lost by Dec. 31, 2020.

The bank also claimed that the City Council’s decision to demolish the property was “clearly erroneous and contrary to its own inspector’s opinion that the deficiencies in the structure could be cured through securing or repairing the structure, and further contrary to the opinion of Sterling Bank’s experts.”

While the representative asked the Council to give them more time, Mayor Lee Posey said the community has been very tolerant to try and let this project happen, but it hasn’t.

9 thoughts on “Bank sues City over Summertree Apartment demolition

  1. Isn’t this the site where many years ago a young woman was found murdered, her husband was the main or only suspect, but it was never proven he had done it?

  2. Well I would like to speak on the matter because I lived there for a few months, and those apartments needed to be torn down because they were infested and just plain raggedy and no one ever came to work on them. So I’m sorry bank but it’s not fair to take tenants money and expect them to live in those conditions. I’m actually glad that the City of Natchitoches tore them down….

  3. Should never have been zoned to begin with for the proposed purpose. Thge need is NSU Student Housing.” What else would be typical for an apartment complex next door to the KA house. I blame the zoning commission.

  4. I support and agree with the City’s decision. No progress, no workers in 2 years is not a construction site. It’s an eyesoreand and a hazard. Their inspector might not think so but anyone who has dealt wirh inspectors know that inspecttions differ from inspector to inspector. I would request an outside party inspector’s report. Sounds like an out of state bank trying to make back lost profit at our city’s expense.

  5. I was at the city council meeting. It is not a construction site. Construction sites have construction workers working. There are active construction sites on the NSU campus and around Natchitoches. Without workers and work, it is not a construction site.

    • Whatever you may call it, if the site is contracted and is not in disrepair as they claim, they have no authority to just walk on to private property and destroy it. This is a terrible precedent to allow for many reasons, not the least of which is they could tear just about anything down on a whim.

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