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I became aware of the overriding issue (Roads) for the citizens of Natchitoches Parish several years ago. This was years before I had heard of L. Alan McMurtry. I had friends and family who lived on some of the worst roads in the parish with no maintenance, no upkeep and seemingly no interest by anyone having the wherewithal to do anything about a terrible situation. The two constants of the parish roads were (1) an exponential deterioration of hundreds of miles of roads and (2) a constituency that would not support a road tax.

After the outdated police jury was replaced by the Home Rule Charter the Parish Council wisely put together a commission of private citizens to evaluate all parish roads, all parish road personnel, the inventory of parish road equipment and the available funds to operate the road department. Additionally, the panel was to make recommendations on how to move forward with maintenance, repairs, construction and required funding. L. Alan McMurtry served on that commission.

It was during this time that Alan distinguished himself with his insight, attention to detail and leadership. When I saw the commission’s report to the council I saw it as a great opportunity for the parish to move forward. The Parish Council did NOTHING.

Now the citizens of District Three have the opportunity to elect a representative who has no connection to the now defunct police jury and yet has the experience needed to be a voice of reason and responsibility in the administration of Parish business. It is with this premise that I endorse and recommend L. Alan McMurtry as the next Parish Councilman for District Three.

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  1. I think all y’all are just wasting y’all’s time on complaining about the roads because when they do call their selves fixing them their torn back up in less than 2 months so it’s all just a waste of money. Like the sayings goes if you want something done rite do it yourself

  2. It is literally impossible to repair the roads in Natchitoches, but man people love to complain about it. It’s simple economics. There isn’t enough money being generated to fix them all. Anyone who tells you there is enough is lying. We live in one of the largest (land area) Parishes in the state. We are also one of the least populated ones. Recipe for terrible roads.

    • Steve and Harry I agree.

      Even it you take the entire parish budget currently, and use it just for road repair it would still not be enough. Taxes are probably only a partial solution, and not one I want, I doubt there is
      a real solution short of a large grant from the Fed. Gov. but I don’t look for that to happen. The Parish
      Government has a thankless and near impossible job.

  3. This McMurry guy is the one who has sued the parish. That is no solution to problems. And what experience does he have in actually fixing roads? Just another Look at Me politician. No thanks.

      • So far, probably only a few thousand, maybe $5,000. But nothing has happened yet. If the case goes forward, and there is discovery and witnesses interviewed, I can assure you the leeches, the lawyers, will milk it for all its worth (to them). But, the cost was not my main point. Suing the parish is the same as suing us, me and you and everyone else. Let’s all do it, Yes, every time you are dissatisfied with anything the parish or city does, sue them! Heck, sue the school board too while you’re at it. But tell me, how does that help solve real problems?

  4. I live on pardee rd the worst of the worst . we’ve a old boy with a tractor that does more than the parish.

  5. So the panel on which he served made no recommendations for funding? Again we have another running for a position with the promise of moving forward with road maintenance/repair but no solution. Want to fix the roads? It”s going to take the residents of this Parish to quit expecting something for nothing and pass the property taxes necessary to do it. Otherwise they need to quit looking to politicians with promises to do the impossible and quit bitching.

    • Anything but a property tax. Everyone uses the roads everyone should pay! And needs to be a dedicated tax with no loopholes to keep the cities hands off of it! Proven that if they can find a way to get they will and then build a park or a birdhouse or anything they can waste it on.

      • Outside of the homestead exemption everyone including tenants pay property taxes. Like others have said you want it like Texas pay for it like Texas.

      • In fact more tax is paid on rental property since there is no homestead exemption. Sales taxes have to be removed, they are what makes local business uncompetitive and what you pay when you purchase vehicles. It is insanity to be against a property tax vs a sales tax.

      • That’s a small fraction! What about ppl that don’t have renters and own land and homes ? Those pay for being somewhat successful! Not right! I don’t care how bad the roads get I will never vote to raise other peoples taxes. And those that don’t own shouldn’t have the right to do it.

      • Well I answered your question about how to get everyone to pay. Looks like you have two mutually exclusive arguments to the issue, so good luck with finding a solution. Yep this is Natchitoches. SMH

      • Youshould be saying anythign but a sales tax. Our Sales tax rate makes it difficult to for local businesses to compete. This is why we dont have as many things here as we could. You cant keep adding sales taxes and expect any business to come and stay in Natchitoches. We have incredibly low property taxes compared to the states that people want to use as a comparison. The Texas property taxes are much higher even if you include your louisiana income tax. If you really want to put more money in the budget how about you go look at the property assessments. So many properties are assessed well below market value and the agricultural land is severely under assessed. It seems our Assessor office only changes assessed values when properties sell.

        The idea that a sales tax is good because everyone pays for the roads is jsut a selfish position that is another way to look down on those that have less. Considering the amount of people that have over the homestead amount in this parish is an incredibly low percentage of the population.

        I live on off a state highway on a private road and virtually never travel on a parish road. Should I have pay for them?

        How about a better solution that everyone pays property tax on the first $50,000 of their property and then exempt the next $75,000?

      • Mike, FedUp is right. Everyone pays property taxes. Everyone lives somewhere, if they own their home then they pay directly, if they rent then taxes and insurance are cranked into their rent. Businesses pay for their buildings, etc.
        Sales taxes are not sustainable, I can easily shop (and pay sales tax) in Shreveport or Alex, that doesn’t help our economy in the least.
        You are right in wanting a dedicated tax (the Library did it right) but that doesn’t solve the problem of having no money to dedicate.

  6. roads are horrible and about un-usable and they will never be repaired properly as long as these good ole boys run the show.We pay crazy money
    in auto insurance and worst roads in the country.

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