City Council to readdress District C Sales and Use Tax at Sept. 23 meeting

The City Council Monday night, Sept. 9, was brief but Mayor Lee Posey did announce that the Council will discuss the previously proposed and tabled sales and use tax for District C.

The tax would go toward the operation and maintenance costs associated with running Parc Natchitoches, the new sports and recreation complex the City is building on University Parkway. District C encompasses most of the area around the I-49 exits and some of University Parkway (See Photo Below).

After taking opposition from business owners in District C into consideration Posey said he thought it was only fair to include the other five hotels in the City. At the Sept. 23 City Council meeting there will be an ordinance introduced to amend District C.

Posey also said they’ve found an answer to the “use” portion of the tax by allowing business owners to send in receipts for reimbursement on big ticket items they purchase. He said Natchitoches Tax Commission Administrator Jerry McWherter is working to decide on a dollar amount. Posey said this proposed tax was never intended to penalize business owners with such a “use” tax. “If we do anything out there that hurts 3-4 businesses we should remind this within the next year,” he said.

Half of the money generated will go to Northwestern State University and the other half will go to the City for its operation and maintenance costs for Parc Natchitoches.

Posey announced that a Special Called City Council meeting will be held Friday, September 13 at 9 am at the Natchitoches Municipal Building to address the following:

1. Considering Ordinance No. 034 of 2019 “Ordinance Authorizing The City Of Natchitoches To Lease All Or A Portion Of The Property Located At 607/Trudeau Street/Depot Street And 720 Sixth Street, Natchitoches To The United States Of American Through The Designated Representative Of The General Services Administration (GSA) Public Buildings Service

2. An appeal to review a decision of the Natchitoches Planning and Zoning Commission at the August 6 meeting that denied the application regarding the St. Maurice Place Subdivision.

Posey said the reason the appeal for the St. Maurice Place Subdivision isn’t placed on the Sept. 9 agenda is that Council member Eddie Harrington was out of town and requested to be present for this particular issue because it’s in his district.

Other agenda items included:

Proclamation declaring Sept. 17-23 as Constitution Week
Proclamation declaring Shawn Carney Day on behalf of the Women’s Resource Center
Proclamation declaring the month of September as Airbag Recall Repair Month in the City
Introduction of ordinance to change zoning classification of property at 516 Texas Street from B-2 to B-2 Commercial, special exception to operate a package liquor store
Approve conveyance of a .39 acre tract of land situated on the southerly right of way of Old Robeline Road, at the southwest corner of its intersection with the abandoned right of way of Forest Street for the amount of $12,500. The land is the location of an old electrical substation that is no longer in use by the Utility Department.
Introduce ordinance to lease a tract of land together with improvements located on the east side of North Street to SCUS Head Start Programs, DBA Save the Children Head Start
Introduction of ordinance to convey certain property located at the corner of Ash Street and Breda Avenue to SCUS Head Start Programs, DBA Save the Children Head Start
Execute a change order to the contract between the City and Regional Construction for the 2017-2018 Street Rehabilitation Program, Phase 2

The next scheduled City Council meeting will be Sept. 23.

12 thoughts on “City Council to readdress District C Sales and Use Tax at Sept. 23 meeting

  1. Posey admitted they underestimated the cost of construction, and the price tag is up to 12 million bucks. I bet they are underestimating the cost of operations too and this initial sales tax increase will have to be supplemented later on by more taxes. Probably from increases in property tax.

  2. It’s an NSU booster club funded by tax dollars. It’s very inappropriate. If you’re a big fan get out your own checkbook.

  3. Tax,Tax,Tax, that’s all y’all do in Louisiana. This is BS. If you couldn’t fund it before you started it you shouldn’t have began. Everybody else has to live on a budget but not this bunch, and then to sneak around when people are missing and push it through is how they operate. “Shame, Shame” on you !!!

  4. I see half the money collected is going to NSU why? They make the case that that have to this tax to be able to maintain that park,why give half away? Didn’t the deal with NSU fall through? Some explain!

    • Good point. Why is NSU involved at all? I love our University, but don’t think we should be funding it this way.
      Personally, I think the PARC is going to be great and bring a lot of people to our area. Everyone complains about not growing, then when we do something like this, they complain that it’s a waste of money.

      • Other towns and universities in Louisiana have collaborated on similar endeavors so there should be no problem with NSU being a part of this arrangement. Not everyone agrees with this but as NSU goes, so does Natchitoches. The school just announced its enrollment that was second highest ever. That has to be good for the city. Plus, it still seems to be forgotten that a high percentage of the funds from this tax will be paid from people who do not live here so that is even better that the town and university can better themselves with outside funds.

    • Demon Dazz I think the point is when they were trying to sell this in the beginning it was a make or break deal for the parc NSU was never mentioned. So now they believe they can run on half the amount.

  5. Ok they waited until everyone cooled off on the sales tax for the ballpark. Now they will pass it. Some things never change.

    • Jd, I think they have miscalculated if they think everyone has cooled off on the sales tax for the ballpark. I think people will show up for that council meeting and voice their protest again, so if it does pass, folks will know and voice their opinion of the fools who continue to play dirty with tax money. Playing dirty is my term and simply means, they don’t listen to the tax payers and citizens of our fair city to know what direction should be taken to keep Natchitoches structurally sound and growing for the people who live here all the time. It used to be a top retirement spot, but, I guess new political characters got in the way of people wanting to stay here. But you know, we must have all the bells and whistles, even if we don’t have a post to put them on. I hope they have enough sense to listen to the people of this town. As for some things never changing, that’s true. And they won’t change until we elect people who will work for the good of the people and not for their own glorification, their place in the books as “LOOK WHAT I DID.”. We need some major changes in the government, city and parish.

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