First Lady Donna Edwards promotes child and family initiatives

Louisiana First Lady Donna Edwards visited with a large group of Natchitoches women Thursday to share information about programs supported through the Louisiana First Foundation, her platform that focuses on children and families. Initiatives include Teach MAM (Music, Art and Movement), advocating against human trafficking and providing greater resources to the state’s foster children and parents. Teach MAM encourages schools to incorporate music, arts and physical courses in the daily curriculum. Louisiana Fosters seeks to expand the network of community and faith-based supports for foster parents and Metanoia is a safe haven in Louisiana for victims of sex trafficking. To learn more about Edwards, the causes she supports and how individuals can become involved visit

5 thoughts on “First Lady Donna Edwards promotes child and family initiatives

  1. Jd, you’re absolutely correct. Children who receive instruction in the arts actually have stronger reading and mathematics skills than those who do not receive such instruction. I’m so glad you support this research-based initiative!

    • They get plenty of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Those are the things on the standardized tests. Whether or not they actually learn these things or just learn how to answer test questions in the desired format are two different things. And the ability for kids to get jobs after graduation has a lot to do with whether or not there are jobs to be had in our area. Should they stay here and be unemployed or go to Shreveport, Alexandria or further away to find gainful employment?

      Jd, are you an educator? Do you know what kids are actually doing all day? Do you know that children who listen to music really do better at math? Not to mention that learning music teaches them about fractions, number patterns, and repetition? That physical movement improves their cognitive skills? And art, which requires them to use their hands, teaches them fine motor skills? (something workers need in manufacturing jobs) Plus, since art is about creating and expression, it promotes thinking skills that require more brainpower than memorization and understanding

      Do a little research. The evidence is out there.

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