Reception for Governor John Bel Edwards and an Evening of Political Speeches at Ben Johnson Auditorium

Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards was the guest of honor at a reception held at the Ben D. Johnson Educational Center Thursday, September 12. Political officials, candidates and citizens from Natchitoches and surrounding parishes filled the auditorium to hear from Governor Edwards, the mayor of New Orleans and the various candidates.

Students from Northwestern State University’s CAPA did a superb rendition of the National Anthem as the NCHS JROTC Color Guard brought the US and Louisiana flag to the stage. After the benediction, emcee, John E. Winston Sr., introduced NSU President Dr. Chris Maggio who briefly addressed the crowd.

Retiring Natchitoches Parish Sheriff Victor Jones was honored with presentations by both Governor Edwards and Representative Kenny Cox commending him for his long years of service to the people of Natchitoches parish. Representative Cox then introduced the governor who gave an enthusiastically received speech about our state and his first term in office. He then introduced New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell who addressed the crowd asking them to help pass a constitutional measure for affordable housing.

The evening ended with candidates for State Senate, Representative and Parish President all making speeches as to why they should be the one worthy of your vote. The men and women of The Legacy Cafe did a terrifically tasty job catering the event.

7 thoughts on “Reception for Governor John Bel Edwards and an Evening of Political Speeches at Ben Johnson Auditorium

  1. OMG! a Constitutional Amendment on “affordable housing.” What does that mean? How is this amendment worded? Sounds like it’ll end up being just another idiotic burden on tax payers.

    • It’s Amendment #4 on the October 12 ballot, and it only affects Orleans Parish. But since it’s Gov. Edwards who is pushing it, I’m concerned about its merits.

      If I am reading it right, it will allow the CITY of New Orleans to lower property tax on properties that will then HAVE to provide low-cost housing. And it supposedly protects other property owners against tax increases to make up the difference.

      • If the Amendment is only for New Orleans, why is the mayor up here telling us to vote for it? Is it on our ballot, too? Why? Seems like an issue for the people down there, not for us.

        And BTW, we need affordable housing here in our district!

  2. If you put affordable housing into the state constitution, it becomes one more “must-pay” item and will make it even tougher to fund public education. But since a handout buys more votes than a hand up, it will probably get lots of support.

  3. Must be an election year cause we haven’t seen old John Bel here in quite some time. By the way, WTH business does the mayor of New Orleans have here? SMH

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