Ponderings with Doug – September 20, 2019

Someone asked why I was not running for office. I have a couple of luscious reasons.

The first reason I didn’t seek re-election is yard signs.

I have never been allowed to have yard signs. I have always lived in someone else’s house. The home I live in is owned by the church. Therefore,

I have no right to express my political opinion on someone else’s property.

I did manage to have a yard sign at my house in Gibsland. While we can’t vote in Bienville Parish. I wanted my first ever yard sign. My first yard sign proudly endorses Darryl Ryder for District 3 on the Bienville Parish Police Jury. I think it is ironic that even my camp is in District 3. Darryl is the incumbent. He also works at the bank with my wife. He and I tell public servant war stories to each other.

I didn’t run because of yard signs. The sign maker told me that it would be impossible to get my last name on one yard sign. I would need to have two yard signs side by side to contain my last name. Or I could buy the huge sign and ask folks to put the huge sign in their yard. The first barrier was my long last name and small yard signs.

The second hurdle was closer to home. I have attended finance committee meetings since 1983. The agenda is this. We need to do these good things. There is not enough money to do these good things. Preacher what are you going to do about raising more money? Occasionally, special circumstance comes to the meeting, “let’s cut the budget over there so we can spend the money on my pet project.”

I found myself attending Parish Council meetings. You know what I heard? Our roads are terrible, and it would be a good thing to fix them. There is not enough money to fix them. What are you people around the horseshoe going to do about fixing our roads with no money? Even special circumstance showed up, “why don’t you cut the budget in this area and fix my road.” It is monumentally frustrating because everyone one around the horseshoe wants to fix the roads!

I decided that Parish Council was the finance committee with less decorum.

The late comedian Jerry Clower’s most famous story was his coon huntin’ story told about the time he and his Mississippi friends made an evening of hunting that evolved into an entanglement with a lynx up a tree. There was a whole lot of humor expounded by the comedian in the story before they reached the point where “great American” John Eubanks climbed the tree to get whatever was in the tree out that had been run up there by the hounds. Those on the ground hollered, “Knock’em out, John,” up to John as he took a sharp stick to poke what he thought was a raccoon. However, to John’s surprise, the raccoon turned out to be a lynx, better known as a souped up bobcat in Mississippi, which immediately took on John in somewhat of a man verses beast fight.

To those standing on the ground they couldn’t figure out what was going on up in the tree and just kept calling up for John to “knock’em out.” Finally, John screams back for someone to shoot up in the tree amongst him and the lynx. Of course, those on the ground didn’t want to do that for fear they would accidently hit John. But John hollers back, “Shoot up here amongst us, because one of us needs some relief!”

If you are wondering, the spiritual truth is confession and relief are good for the soul.

5 thoughts on “Ponderings with Doug – September 20, 2019

  1. One of the best campaign speeches I ever heard was given by a candidate who promised two things: 1. to place no campaign signs where not permitted and 2. to have all campaign signs removed on the day following election day. He kept both promises.

  2. Thank you for all you have done, and more importantly, for all that you tried to do in a no-win situation. The next person in that seat will find it no less frustrating I am sure.

  3. Thanks for the explanation I WAS wondering why you did not run again. Yeah I can see how it would be a lot of extra work putting out those big signs.

    Seriously Doug thanks for making the effort to serve on the council. There is no way I would take the
    job of a Parish councilperson.

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