According to Kris: Fall into Fashion Part 3

By Kris James

TGIF Stylers! Congrats you have made it through the week and almost made it through my four-day Fall segment. Now it’s time to let your hair down. We’ve established that Fall style is the most fun style. Somehow, the idea of treating yourself is especially alluring in the Fall. As I said weeks ago for kids, it’s all about back-to-school excitement, and for Stylers, it’s game time. So, instead of pulling out the same pile of reliable heavily pilled sweaters from your storage, why not resolve to test drive something new?

I recently saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which is a Quentin Tarantino film. Set in the late 60s and early 70s, the film serves is an homage to Western cinema in New Hollywood and the fashion in the movie was amazing. I already had a love for the 70s era but it wasn’t until I saw this movie that it gave me the confidence to try to push my style. For a long time, 70s style was rudely mocked for its bad taste, its many shades of brown and its large amount of body hair. But after seeing Brad Pit and Leonardo DiCaprio in this film I automatically knew this was a perfect fit for me. I’m down with the flares, cowboy boots, double denim, silk shirts, animal print, and leather jackets.

To get your imagination going, I decided to ask a few stylers about the style moves they’re most excited to pull off this fall.

“I’ve never paired a print blazer or jacket with a different print scarf. That seems to be a hard style for me to consider because I was raised to never mix prints. I was also always told that black and brown doesn’t match but I’ve overcome that fashion No No through the years.”  – Tammy Metoyer

“You pair a quality wool overcoat with a nice sweater and tailored trousers and you’re killing the game. I do think that it’s such a different look that it will take people around here a while to adjust to it, however it’s a very common look in the bigger cities. That’s the great thing about fashion. You always have the opportunity to be that trendsetter.”  -Mario Fox

“I’m ready for hats! I love the wool Panama style hat which is perfect for fall. Meghan Markle wore one recently and I’m obsessed with her! Every girl needs a good fall hat to go with her favorite pair of booties!”  – Micah Foshee

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  1. Can you also please instruct some guys about the droopy pants where their undies are exposed? Really hate to see that. Thank you for your style page.

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