Proud NSU Graduate Lee Waskom Explains Strategy

Press Release

I am a proud Graduate of Northwestern State University, Class of 1986, with a B.S. in Accounting. I felt it important for voters in Natchitoches Parish to know of my connections and history with MY University.

Through many years, I have personally supported both academics and athletics at Northwestern State University. I am especially proud of my continuing support of the Spirit of Northwestern Marching Band (SON) having provided many meals and financial contributions to that outstanding group. I have also employed literally hundreds of NSU students throughout the last 30 years.

When I decided to run for Parish President, my committee thought it was important to share my history and contributions to Northwestern State University and compare those contributions to my opponents. I am especially proud of my education at Northwestern. We decided to present that information to Northwestern graduates that live in Natchitoches Parish and are registered voters. My campaign purchased the local voter registration list from the Secretary of State’s office last Spring. We then identified each and every graduate of NSU, from public records, that is registered to Vote that continues to reside in Natchitoches Parish. The compilation of this database took dozens of hours.

I feel honored that several NSU graduates came forward and offered to write letters to fellow NSU graduates pointing out my significant history and proud accomplishments as an NSU Demon! I am and remain flattered that fellow Demons are willing to be so supportive! I am attaching a letter written by Jack Duty to this press release, which was mailed to many graduates of NSU, about my campaign. I am very proud a fellow Demon stepped forward to publicly endorse me and ask other NSU Demons to support one of their own.

Northwestern State University provided me with a sound educational background that I have parlayed into a diverse and successful portfolio of business entities that include book stores, restaurants and shopping centers throughout Louisiana. The foundation I received, both educationally and socially, at NSU was a springboard to my success. I will always be an NSU Demon!!

Fork’em Demons
Lee Waskom # 85
Natchitoches Parish President