Stage to become Gordmans as company pivots toward off-price conversions

Shoppers may have noticed some changes at Stage’s Natchitoches location. It’s been confirmed that Stage will convert fully to a Gordmans off-price in 2020. Stage Stores Inc. announced its acquisition of selected assets of Gordmans Stores Inc. in April of 2017 to expand its portfolio by attracting customer demographics in new markets. Stage announced back in July that it intended to increase its pivot toward off-price by converting another 100 stores by 2020. They’re working on converting 89 in 2019 alone. This puts the number of Gordmans Stores in excess of 400.

6 thoughts on “Stage to become Gordmans as company pivots toward off-price conversions

  1. Target allows men declaring themselves women into the women’s rest room and changing rooms. No Target here in Natchtioches! It certainly wont survive if I have anything to say about it, and I will

  2. Looks like there will be no place in Natchitoches now to buy quality name brand cosmetics and clothes. I like Hall Tree, but they are expensive. On another subject, I found no place to comment on the Alan McMurty article. Maybe I am not looking in the right place. A lot of this technology is too complicated for an old lady, but I like to make my thoughts known.

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