‘Vaping Kills’ message kills local business

Business closures is a hot ticket item in Natchitoches. Residents keep an eye on things in town and closures are counted. After hearing some information floating around about Taste-e-Vapes, the NPJ made a phone call to confirm. Owner Garry McCollum said he’s closing his doors after 4 years in the vaping business because of misinformation regarding vaping products that’s being spread by the media.

According to McCollum, vaping products are nothing compared to statistics for actual cigarettes. They’re the most successful smoking cessation device in history. The goal, after all, isn’t to keep vaping, but to quit cigarettes with an end goal to quit smoking all together.

McCollum smoked cigarettes for 26 years and has now been smoke free for 10 years. Knowing it was a risky business venture from the beginning with the way big tobacco and politics are, McCollum just can’t compete with the message that “Vaping Kills.”

But he’s still taking care of his customers. He’s added discount codes on the shop’s Facebook page and group so they can order through his distributor.

4 thoughts on “‘Vaping Kills’ message kills local business

  1. There’s more to it than owning a “vaping business”! I know people who have been vaping for years, I myself vape, and none of us are dead yet! Tobacco companies are putting this crap out there because their businesses are taking such a big hit now. You don’t see all these competition vapers dying and they vape a lot harder than the casual vapers who are “killing” themselves with it.

  2. i don’t smoke or vape but I get 110 % of this town does.I think if you wanna dies like this more power to you,but their are a lot of others ways to die why pick on one ? murder,meth,hit by car,train,killed by atv,bee sting,etc.

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