2019 American Cemetery Tour Brings Past to Life

Kevin’s Gallery

The Natchitoches Historical Foundation hosted a long standing and beloved community tradition at Natchitoches’ American Cemetery Oct. 11. Over 100 history fans from around the area came to see some of the interesting and well known people buried in the cemetery brought to life by volunteers dressed in period costume. Notables ranging from Louis Juchereau de St. Denis to John Gideon Lewis, a pioneer of African American Freemasonry, were just a few of the people buried in the American Cemetery brought to life.

Northwestern State University’s Department of Dance returned for a fourth year to present a hauntingly beautiful original dance piece in the cemetery. The dancers have rapidly become a highlight of the tour and are excellent ambassadors for their university.

There were also stops along the tour in which “widows” dressed in black mourning costumes spoke about Victorian era customs surrounding death and mourning. The last stop of the tour featured a “Repast des Funaire” at the nearby Samuel Guy House.