Various Thoughts, From Mozart’s Paintings to the World Series to a Favorite Commercial

By Joe Darby

Here are some widely ranging thoughts and observations that popped into my head while I was enjoying a fine fall day in dear old Natchitoches. You will find no connection or pattern in these musings but here they are.

–After a sloppy win over the Detroit Lions, Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid said, “Hey, not all of Mozart’s paintings were perfect…” That’s very true. And neither were Shakespeare’s symphonies nor Monet’s dramas and comedies. (Sarcasm can be fun.)

–I love the commercial for an insurance company that features some teenagers who have obviously been running from a killer in a horror movie. One girl points to a nearby auto and says, with terror in her voice, “Why don’t we just get in the running car?” Her boyfriend responds, “Are you crazy. Let’s hide behind those chain saws over there.” And they do so Then we see the mad killer, shaking his head at their stupidity. As the commercial ends, the kids run to another place of safety — the cemetery.

–It never fails. If we’re in a restaurant, even a crowded restaurant, and there is one fly in the room, he (or she) will always pick our table at which to eat his lunch.

–The World Series has started! And I’m lucky, because my two favorite teams, the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros, are competing for the championship. I’m pulling for the Nats, though, because they’ve never won a WS and the Astros were champs two years ago. The Nats won the first game in a great contest in Houston Tuesday night (this was written before Wednesday night’s game) and I figure the rest of the series will be as exciting as that first go-round. These players began their season six and a half months ago, at the beginning of April. And only two fo the 30 Major League teams are left standing. Go Nats. And, in lower case, go astros.

–I have quit watching the TV drama New Amsterdam, about a hospital in New York City. This is the show’s second season and I started out liking it a lot. The plots are exciting, the characters well drawn and the writing is quite good. The show does, like so many TV shows these days, have a very liberal bleeding heart message, which I didn’t always agree with but that didn’t deter me from watching what was a good show But last week’s show had an incident in which a doctor gave a terminal cancer patient some very powerful sleeping pills and suggested that she commit suicide. There were no consequences to the doc’s actions and the show treated it like it was just another episode in that doctor’s day So, I’m done. I can’t stick with a show that condones medical murder.

–I was really looking forward to the movie Ford vs. Ferrari, telling the story of how Ford Motor Co. won races at the great French 24-hour race at Le Mans back in the 1960s. But previews make it appear it may be just another very silly comedy, or what passes for comedy in Hollywood these days.

–This final item I really like. A French lady in her 90s had a picture of the Crucifixion hanging over a hot plate in her kitchen in the town of Compiegne. She wanted to move to a smaller house so she hired an auctioneer to help her get rid of some of her goods. Well — and you might have seen something like this coming — the art work turned out to be by Cimabue, one of the great Medieval artists and painted in the 1200s. It’s auction value is estimated at $6 million. La dame a de bonne chance. The lady is lucky. And so we all are, with this lovely fall weather.

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