According to Kris: Tis the Season to be Stylish

By Kris James

Tis the season Stylers! I don’t know about you but I’m ready for Christmas. When Natchiotches starts putting up the lights it means it’s time to pull out the Christmas trees. I’m sure I’m not the only one that put their tree up the first week of November. Just like the Hallmark movies Natchitoches is a Christmas town so why not?

This will be my first Christmas in my apartment, so my mom gave me her old tree because mine was way too big. Hers is still big but it works. In the process of setting up my tree, I started to remember that my mom kinda has OCD. She rubber banded each group of branches by color and taped the directions on the inside of the box just in case. I can remember every tree trimming we did but it wasn’t until I got older and started decorating with my nephew that I realized my mom rubbed off on me.

Lights need to weave in throughout the branches.

Never put the same color ornaments next to each other.

If we’re going to use garland, each dip had to be equal all the way around.

I hear a lot of people say, “It doesn’t get better than a freshly cut Christmas tree.” This is true until you get home and your hands are covered in sap for hours and needles are everywhere, and honestly who remembers to water it? I’ll pass. Artificial trees have always been the best option. Sometimes they can come off bare and extra fake but there are easy ways to make your tree look real as well. It’s all about the decorations.

1. Wrap the tree tuck in lights. It draws the eye to the center of the tree and away from the branches.

2. Add small sprigs of real evergreen using green floral wire to the branches. While fluffing your tree place the real branches onto the fake ones and twist the wire. Repeat often, scattering the pieces consistently throughout the tree. You’ll be amazed how this one tip will give your fake tree the smell of the season.

3. A wide ribbon can add that extra touch you may be looking for. It’s affordable in bulk and will cover the holes in the tree.

4. A tree skirt is a must. The dead give away that your tree is fake is that plastic/ metal stand. Cover it with a festive tree skirt or a basket depending on your Christmas theme.

5. Don’t forget to take your tree out of storage a few days ahead of when you plan on decorating it. This allows the branches to breathe and helps the tree returns to its normal shape.

And for those parents who don’t want to come off as bad parents but really don’t wanna put your child’s school-made ornaments on your family tree, don’t worry. I have a quick fix for you. Run to your local dollar store and get a nice small tree and place it in their room and add a string of lights and all their creations on it. That way they won’t need therapy later and your beautiful masterpiece will go untouched.