According to Kris: 7 Essentials to Keep Your Fashion in Check

By Kris James

Happy Wednesday Stylers! Normally it’s my job to make a lot recommends to keep the heart of empty capitalistic desire beating inside with my weekly review of the most stylish trends and biggest fashion drops to shop. This week I thought I would share something a little different. You already own plenty of clothes. Really, you do! Go take a look a look for yourself. Even if you haven’t had your daily visit from your local UPS driver today, I’m willing to bet there are piles and piles of perfectly good attire sitting right there, ready to be worn. So instead of adding to the mass, it’s time to sort through it all and take better care of what’s yours. Believe it or not, keeping your wardrobe organized, your suits pressed, and your shoes shined will extend the lifespan of the stuff you wear every day. Personally, this feels just as satisfying as copping the new latest trends. I spend a lot of time in my closet. It’s my favorite place because it holds all my favorites things. I have a full walk-in closet so I take pride in how it looks. I’m not an organized person but my sanctuary is the one place where all the details count. From the way I place my shoes to the style, color, or the fact that I have an extra clothing rack full of all my vintage fashion pieces. To help you do just that, I’ve gathered up a handful of inexpensive, super effective ways to get your sanctuary in order.

Stratton Cedar Shoe Tree: The shape pf a shoe tree prevents undue creasing. The cedar also soaks up all the sweat and foot stink.

Handheld Steamer: This is the secret to getting your suits to look crisp.

Wood Suit Hangers: Nothing shows your clothes that you don’t care about them more than mix-match hangers.

Garment Bags: I like these so everything looks cohesive. It’s no surprise that garment bags are on the list. They just look so much better than those plastic bags that the cleaners give you.

Shark Steam Iron: A steamer should be your number one option in most situations, but sometimes you still need a cheap, reliable iron to get your shirts to pressed perfection.

Tide to Go: Instant stain remover pens are the GOAT!

Shoe Cleaning Kit: The most effective way to keep your shoes looking box fresh.