Magnolia Minute: Reba Phelps – Public Forum for Superintendent Search

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2 thoughts on “Magnolia Minute: Reba Phelps – Public Forum for Superintendent Search

  1. As a person who has served on committees, sponsored by the school board, I can personally testify that in the past this is a waste of time!

    First, the system is so political that the board will not implement one suggestion you make unless it furthers their agenda.

    Secondly, to my knowledge the board has no, in writing, minimum list of expectations for the position or any other positions It is required by the state department of education to have them but i don’t believe they have any!
    Natchitoches is the only parish in the state that doesn’t have one if by chance they do have one they will not adhere to it The board’s violations of the process has led hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted in lawsuits !

    Thirdly, this will be another opportunity for board members to promote family and friends for administrative positions over better qualified candidates. This, in my opinion, is a violation of ethics and detrimental to the system . I can, by observation, as a parent and give you plenty of examples and some are currently on the board!

    Fourthly, this is all part of the board’s effort to give the impression that everything is transparent. If you have to hire a company to promote the board’s lack of integrity you have already lost the public’s trust! This community has no confidence in the ability to choose a qualified candidate for the Superintendent position. This statement will flush out the very people who will defend this process for their own gain

    Fifth, the decision will go right down racial lines. Since the white board members out number the black board members they are the ones who will suffer as will 54% of the students in this city
    The white board members will set the agenda out of earshot of the black board members and visa versa. The decision is made before this process will be discussed! In fact, if things go true to form the candidate probably has already been decided!

    Then there’s the intimidation factor! Board members from smaller schools will be threatened to support in an effort to keep their schools open or to expect fairness regarding their districts.

    I challenge this board to make the following decision to prove me wrong! If you are honest, about your intentions , then let this meeting flesh out the requirements and make it policy that night! Open the meeting up to vote on and pass our recommendations that night!

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