2020 Qualifying opens this morning at the Courthouse

The qualifying period starts this morning at 8 am Local and municipal candidates qualify with the clerk of court in the parish in which they are registered to vote.  Qualifying fees must be paid in the form of cash; certified or cashier’s check on a state or national bank or credit union; U.S. postal money order; or money order issued by a state or national bank or credit union and must be accompanied by the qualifying form.

The following offices will be up for election during the April 4, 2020 Election:
Mayor – City of Natchitoches
City Council District 1 – Natchitoches
City Council District 2 – Natchitoches
City Council District 3 – Natchitoches
City Council District 4 – Natchitoches
City Council District At Large – Natchitoches

Mayor – Clarence
Chief of Police – Clarence
Aldermen ALL – Clarence

Mayor – Powhatan
Chief of Police – Powhatan
Aldermen ALL – Pwohatan

Democratic State Central Committee Members – ALL
Republican State Central Committee Members – ALL
Democratic Parish Executive Committee Member
Republican Parish Executive Committee Member 

For Qualifying Fee Schedule, please see document attached below: